(Being a rejoinder by the Lower Niger Congress to the Statement of the “Progressive Governors Forum”, PGF, on Federalism and Restructuring).

We begin with a caveat that the LNC considers ALL the Political Parties in Nigeria guilty in equal measure, of the criminality of holding the fraudulent 1999 Constitution which enslave and impoverish the People, as the basis of Nigeria and its Democracy, and so the calling out of the APC Governors for insulting the collective intelligence of the whole Country in their new postulations on Restructuring and Federalism must be situated appropriately above the partisan fray.

The long epistle of the so-called “Progressive Governors Forum” on the subject of Restructuring and Federalism, reminds one of the antics of the Supreme Leader, Napolean and the Great Comrade Squealer in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, where it was standard to say one thing, do the opposite and find a way to sell the volte-face to the low-reasoning-capacity Community.

Napoleon and his confederates go away with it all because they were dealing with a great bunch of mentally retarded Animals who had no capacity of their own to recollect exactly what was first said or even WRITTEN !!.

Unfortunately for the APC, the 2017 Nigeria is not Animal Farm and apart from the few dishonest promoters of their shenanigans, sophistry and befuddling propaganda or the mentally retarded who believe and help spread the balderdash that unintelligently seeks to shift the goalpost during a match as we now read from the PGF, no one else is convinced or even deceived.

As a vote-seeking strategy, the APC wrote Restructuring into its Manifesto as a measure of its commitment to that imperative of restoring the Federal Basis of Nigeria.

The Question of Restructuring was so central to the 2015 Electoral Round that the main gladiators tried all in the books to show the prospective voters that they were the most, suitable and most committed to the Federal imperative and the Restructuring that would birth it.

The then Ruling Peoples Democratic Party had organized a National Conference in 2014 as a Part of its practical commitment to Restructuring and so held the implementation of outcome of that Conference out to the electorate in their Campaign.

The then main Opposition Party, APC, had denigrated, boycotted and dismissed the 2014 National Conference as insincere and grossly inadequate.

The APC upped the ante by inserting its commitment to Restructuring into the APC Manifesto, boasting to the electorate that only the “Progressives” (whatever that meant/means) like the APC would deliver on Restructuring.

So important was the Restructuring issue that the visible South West Thought-Leaders who could not at all be described as PDP sympathizers or supporters at the time, anchored their open support for the PDP in the 2015 Presidential Election upon the firm promise by the then incumbent President, Goodluck Jonathan and his PDP, to implement the Report of the 2014 National Conference which Report the Challenger APC already trashed in its Campaign, promising a more wholesome Restructuring deal.

Elections came and somehow the APC won. It is therefore not in doubt that the promise to Restructure Nigeria back to being a Federation, was central to the calculations of the electorate which voted in APC, 2015. So holds the LNC.

It was therefore a grand betrayal that the first thing that flew out of the APC window even amidst the celebration of their electoral victory, was the Restructuring promise. Reason: the Economy had to be fixed first as a matter of priority !!!.

One after the other, and in rapid succession, all the other promises were shamelessly, unabashedly and bare-facedly repudiated.
The hoodwinked electorate cried blue murder while Modern Day Squealer broke all records in doublespeak and sophistry, justifying the dishonesty and hypocrisy of his Party, the APC before the bewildered electorate and the rest of Nigeria.

It is against this backdrop that the New Treatise on Federalism and Restructuring, coming from the Governors Forum of the Ruling Party, rankles and reeks of heavy political debauchery. “Federalism” now means no more than little tweaks of our current “Constitution”. “Restructuring” now means good governance. Nigerians are simply being invited to Restructure their thoughts on Federalism and Restructuring.

With such heresies as “Nation First”, “Nigerian Unity is Nonnegotiable”, “Development Agenda” and “Good Governance”, et cetera, instead of the plain Self-Determination and Sovereignty disputations that is raging all over Nigeria, it is clear that the APC Governors have chosen the path of dishonesty, hypocrisy and perfidy.

The apt but grim Awolowo’s description of Nigeria as “A Mere Geographical Expression”, which the description the APC Governors now dismiss as some kind of a light joke by Awo, has become even more abundantly evidenced by the ubiquitous and bourgeoning centrifugal aggregations and exertions, manifested in bold relief by the Biafra Agitation, the Niger Delta Agitation, the No-Restructuring-No-Nigeria disposition of the South West, the Arewa Quit Notice and its many after shocks including the counter Quit Notice to the North by the Niger Delta Militants, amongst other fallouts, not to talk about the open repudiation of the Countrywide Restructuring Consensus by the Caliphate, the Attorney- General of the Federation and the Acting President himself.
It takes being pathetically blind or incorrigibly dishonest, not to see that the “Mistake of 1914” which Ahmadu Bello insisted Nigeria was, has failed to rise above the “Mere Geographical Expression” Nigeria was in the day of Awolowo; that the Country has failed woefully into evolving into a Nation and that it is ipso facto, patently illiterate to describe the flailing Nigeria as a “Nation”.

The rickety House of Lugard has Fallen and the shouts of “To Thy Tents” now rent the air from Lagos to Maiduguri and from Sokoto to Port Harcourt.

The narrow window of hope that the fast collapsing Nigerian Union could somehow be salvaged, which was sustained these last few years by the expectation that Nigeria would revert back to Federalism via the mechanism of Restructuring, has now been shut by the utterly irresponsible pronouncements of the APC Governors Forum, which abandon reason and stand logic on its head.

For the Governors of the Ruling Party under whose watch Nigeria is unravelling, to choose this time to come out with such hubris and hokum as we read from the miserably retrogressive “Progressive Governors Forum”, is to say the least, mind-boggling and it depicts the classical scenario of whom the gods choose to destroy being first made mad.

To compound this tragedy, there seems to be an army of well educated people who have bought into this bogus narrative and ready to carry it to town as the new gospel. The most despicable, being the case of those amongst them from Eastern Nigeria, where the ill-informed yet very clear-minded young people who reject enslavement under the prevailing Unitarist 1999 Constitutional Order, are taking Caliphate bullets on the streets of Eastern Nigeria, in rejection of servitude.

The LNC is monitoring the entire situation very closely, certain that the dawn is near for the long night of Master-Servant Nigeria.

Visit http://www.lnc-usa.org

Tony Nnadi


Lower Niger Congress.



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