Following a flurry of enquiries coming to the LNC Secretariat seeking explanations on what the LNC Referendum Template which is being adopted by the Biafran Agitation Groups, entails, the Secretariat posits as follows:

The LNC Template basically consists of a two-pronged process of Countrywide Delegitimization and Repudiation of the fraudulent 1999 Nigerian Constitution leading to the orderly deconstitution and dismantling of the present pseudo-Federation and the willful aggregation of independent units of Regionally-willing and compatible contiguities.

These compatible contiguities, which include the prospective Federation of the various Indigenous Peoples of the Lower Niger, shall emerge via Referendum in exercise of their Right to Self-Determination as successor-states to the defunct Federation of Nigeria, which collapsed since 1966.

Central to the LNC Template is that it is not framed as the restoration of “Biafra” or “Secession” like the Biafra Agitation Groups framed their Campaign.

The LNC rather sets its intervention in the context of the well known Constitutional Grievances of Eastern Nigeria, bordering on the abridged and suppressed Right to Self-Determination which can be resolved via a UN-Backed Referendum, with an orderly Transitioning that accommodate existing Governance Structures, modelled after President Frederick De Klerk’s 1990-1994 Transitioning of Apartheid South Africa.

The LNC Template shuts out the violence that would naturally come with the Biafra-or-Death, Conquer-and-Occupy disposition of the “Biafra” Agitations.

The LNC adopts the 1885 Ethnolinguistic Map of the Territory as the Geographical description of the Territory that would constitute the Prospective Lower Niger Federation for which it seeks Independence via Referendum, in which the Constituent Component Nationalities of the Territory forge fresh Protocols to define their Relationship.

The Solemn Assembly of the Peoples of the Lower Niger in Port Harcourt April 27, 2015 adopted the said 1885 Map and Mandated the distillation of a Charter of Relationships that would form the basis of the Constitutional Arrangements for the Prospective Lower Niger Federation congruent with the combined Old Eastern and Midwestern Regions of Nigeria.

The argument of the LNC is that the Federation of Nigeria collapsed since 1966 with the jettisoning of the 5 Constitutions (4 Regional and 1 Federal), and that the impositions that now define that Federation, represented by the Unitarist 1999 Constitution must now be decommissioned to make way for fresh Protocols of mutual coexistence amongst willing compatible contiguities.

Visit http://www.lnc-usa.org


Tony Nnadi


Lower Niger Congress.

June 8, 2017.


  1. The LNC WAY is the only way forward. This is the Absolute truth. It does not matter how difficult or how long it will take, we need to get the lower Niger to take her future in her own hands. The continued deprivation of the Self determination rights of the indigenous people of the Lower Niger must be stopped. And the time is now!
    LNC more grease to your elbows!


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