Egbema oil field and ogwuta oil and gas reserve is in IMO STATE and yet I have never heard any one from IMO STATE shouting we need our oil, the Government should give us 200% of our oil reserves. The are too busy with education, they don’t even notice there is an oil and gas pipeline in there community.

Asaba in DELTA STATE have the largest oil and gas deposit in the STATE. And yet the Igbos from that region have never been interested in joining militants or even coming to facebook to shout we need our oil.

You hardly hear an ikwerre man or better still iwhuruona man from RIVER STATE shout my oil, and yet one of the largest refinery in the country is located in there community.

An ABIA man who have several oil wells in his village will never mention oil in any of his discussion but rather mention ABA market and how he is trying to export his products to other countries.

An Anambra man who has the largest gas field and several oil wells in his village is busy traveling all over the world looking for the latest innovation and busy investing his time and resources in technology and manufacturing great products which can be found in virtually every home in the country.

In all this the Hausas and yorubas will still be saying igbos are interested in the oil of the NIGER DELTANS.

If an Igbo man from oil producing communities have never vandalised his oil pipeline how do you now reach to conclusion that he is interested in the oil in ijaw land or urhobo land.

Is it not gross stupidy and madness for you to keep shouting all over the social media that an Igbo man is fighting for Biafra because of oil.

If oil is the problem of the IGBOS don’t you think no Igbo man will be in Maiduguri or yobe which is the power house of terrorists.

Do you think an Igbo man will be in ogun or Lagos if oil was his problem.

The fact that you are lazy and all your hopes are put in oil money does not mean that an Igbo man needs oil to survive.

Even if Biafra comes today. Igbos will not need to trade on oil because there are a million ways to make money in the country but lazy and blind people can never see it because the have made oil and gas their God.


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