Imo State Will Never Be Put Up For The Highest Bidder Again.

In 2011, Gov. Ohakim was grossly betrayed by the very same people he trusted, dined and wined with. Ohakim was very naive that he did not understand or realise that his real enemies were his best friends. They pulled the rug from under his feet.

In 2015, the same Ohakim, a jolly good fellow with little or no evil manipulative spirit did not learn his lessons, he was also drafted for a voyage of no discovery that finally opened his eyes I guess. For the past 17 years, the politics of Imo has been a combination of men on duty and the adherents of Zeb Phillip Nwosu who was the godfather of chop chop politics. A very kind and respectable man whose intent and purposes have been grossly misrepresented and misconstrued by the newer political renegades and opportunists that benefited from his benevolence.

Ohakim was betrayed in 2011 by the same people who call themselves PDP leaders and the consequences of that betrayal is what we are suffering today. In 2015, PDP seeded the party ticked to Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, and again the same destructive and manipulative politics of betrayal became the order of the day. The campaign was marred by a few of our brothers from Mbaise who felt that they have arrived. That was a very big stigma.

Apart from that, the candidate of PDP in that election was grossly misunderstood thru incessant propaganda materials dropped here there to portray him unelectable. But in truth, no one is unelectable except a beast. If Owerri zone, I mean the mainland and Mbaike had voted PDP, we would have been in a different arrangement today.

I was shocked when I finished my research and found out that out of 12 LGA’s in Orlu zone, PDP only won one local government in the guber election. Even the LGAs of all our revered leaders there were won by APC. In all of this, it is very clear that we have been fooling ourselves, adoring evil doers as leaders. It is high time we put our acts together and redeem our state. We should stop hinging our hopes on leaders who cannot even help themselves. I have spoken.

My name is Omu.

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