The Good Book posits that in the mouth of two witnesses, a matter is established.

I will put aside this piece by Austin Okere titled *”You do not Embellish a War”* amongst the very few that get so archived, as evidence that there are indeed others who understand the nature of the danger the Igbo is in at this time in Nigeria, namely : *That Igbo is targeted by a determined and relentless enemy which seek nothing but our complete extermination; sparing only those so totally subjugated at heart, that they proudly and actively aid the enemy in it’s onslaught against the rest.*

Nigeria has one definition: *As written by the Caliphate authors of the Master-Servant Constitution we must now obey but which permanently guarantees our servitude, just as the Boer-Imposed Apartheid Constitution of South Africa, guaranteed the Permanent Servitude of the Black owners of the Land, until the exertions of the few who recognized the enemy for what it was, and who courageously led others to reject and topple the Apartheid Constitutional Order.*

Amidst the difficult Anti-Apartheid struggles in the then South Africa, came the *Bantustan Regime* in which some Blacks, *believing it was impossible to overcome Apartheid by any kind of challenge,* settled for the piecemeal accretion of rights, development and access, *as granted the Blacks by the “Master-Race”, the Boers.*

Such *Bantustan Gradualists Blacks* became the worst instruments in the hands of the White Supremacists, used to sabotage and debilitate the efforts of those working to topple Apartheid.

As the Anti-Apartheid intensified their efforts and the White Supremacists became desperate and deployed more wickedness to save their sinking Apartheid ship, the situation amongst the Blacks, became more and more of a life and death choice, for being on the side of *Apartheid-Must-Go-Down-Now* or the Bantustan side of *Let-Us-Take-What-We-Can-Get-Now*.

The LNC learnt from the surviving Anti-Apartheid Veterans in South Africa that this Bantustan Strategy by the Whites created the worst kind of Black-On-Black animosities they had to manage at the time.

Between the Hotel we stayed in Johannesburg and our Soweto destination for a Meeting with one of the Anti-Apartheid Veterans, our South African Host broke down in tears on this subject, as we passed the expansive *Chris Hani Memorial Hospital* to the left. This was March, 2013.

The *Restructuring* bandwagon in Eastern Nigeria today, seem obviously to have bought into the Bantustan-like *Let-Us-Take-What-Can-Get* Narrative amidst the intensive push by the Eastern Nigeria *Self-Determination Collective* to crash the Apartheid-Like (Constituion of) Caliphate Nigeria to extricate the Enslaved and Endangered East.

(Enslaved by Master-Servant Constitution;

Endangered by swirling Ethnic Cleansing).

It may well be that, like the then Bantustanists in South Africa, the *Restructurists* of Eastern Nigeria believe that the Caliphate Apartheid of Nigeria cannot be overcome by any challenge that the Self-Determination push can mount, but one must point them to the triumphant admonition by the Great Madiba that *”It looks impossible until it is done”*

It is within this context that one can begin to understand the *Blood-Will-Flow* threat by the IPOB against Ohanaeze, for its planned Bantustan-like *”Restructuring Summit”* in Enugu.

There is an undeclared War on Eastern Nigeria, by a belligerent Caliphate, masking itself as the Nigerian State has already killed and maimed thousands of young Easterners who seek an end to the Constitution-wrought enslavement of the East.

Just as *there was no South Africa in the eyes of the enslaved Apartheid-era Blacks beyond the Boer Occupation Force that went by that name*, today, the LNC asserts without equivocation, on behalf of the Self-Determination Collective of Eastern Nigeria that *there is no Nigeria anywhere beyond the Caliphate Occupation Force that goes by that name.*

The tension generated by these opposite poles in Eastern Nigeria is on the verge of going burst.

One can only pray that those in Eastern Nigeria, who are carrying on as if there is no War and discussing how to make a totally unworkable Nigeria to work for them, will not learn the very hard way that, *YOU DO NOT EMBELLISH A BATTLE.*

Tony Nnadi


April 5, 2018

(This piece is will kick-start, for the LNC, a period of mourning for the Anti-Apartheid Icon and Heroine, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, who just passed at 81).

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