Security of lives and properties is the number one priority , cardinal and focal point of the Tony Nwulu / Nnaemeka Obiaraeri UPP GUBER Team .

We are not going to just mouth security of lives and properties without plans , policies and programs to ensure scientific , timelined and pragmatic execution of these promises as we have today in Abuja and Owerri .

We shall be providing Ndi Imo with detailed execution framework and implementation strategic work plan that are actionable and measurable.

To turn / make Imo State into the Las Vegas (truly and safe Ngwori center / tourist haven ) in West Africa , there must be timeous , adequate and 24/7 digitized provision of security of lives and properties. Security that is anchored on first class intelligence , forensics, proactive and preemptive prevention of crimes even before they happen .

The Tony Nwulu/Nnaemeka Obiaraeri team has already engaged global best security experts to come up with 24/7 security Cover for Ndi Imo . A cover that is a modified replica of what we have today in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Within the first 6 months of being sworn in to govern Imo state , the Tony Nwulu / Nnaemeka Obiaraeri Government shall put in place a foolproof security architecture that protects the lives and properties of Ndi Imo and our visitors

Working with the Police , the DSS , the Army , the NSCD , the State assembly and global best security consultants, we shall set up a Security Trust Funds backed by law and that will be transparently managed under a PPP framework . This will be aligned/ supported with our core vision of granting autonomy to the 27 Local Government authorities in Imo state and the fourth tier community governments

We shall recruit, train , and fund under public /private sector funding initiatives, 3,870 Community based security sheriffs from the 645 autonomous communities in the state (6 from each community ) . The Community based Governments working with the LGAs and the security consultants shall provide the best and brightest six from each community .

These team of sheriffs shall have over 84 fully kitted / equipped security trucks purchased from Innoson Motors as part of the security hardwares needed in the state .

There shall also be weapons security scanners across the entry and exit points into Imo state and comprehensive drone coverage.

The Community Security Sheriff agents shall be headed by a first class retired DSS official at the Directorship level and not an illiterate tout appointed by the Governor to sing his praises.

Provision of first class security of lives and properties is the first step to securing the planned $500m/N152billion Private Entrepreneur/Investors funds into Imo state to revive the Imo state economy under various PPP frameworks across the different sectors of the economy

Imo state is already exposed to a monstrous debt overhang that officially stood at N130bn in December 2016 and is actually estimated to be over N200bn today . Servicing the interest component of this monstrous debt overhang alone will gulp almost all the FAAC allocations that May come annually to the next unfortunate team to inherit this mega mess as governor/ deputy governor of Imo state . But we must clean up the mess without playing blame games

Imolites do not want excuses or blame games . They desire first class financial engineers/ proactive / passionately creative servants , who must devise honest and well thought out /conceptualized structured financing options to take us out of this quagmire in such a way that we are able to meet up all our obligations to our genuine creditors without neglecting the key critical campaign promises and pledges made to the good people of Imo state .

We are under a solemn oath to rebuild ala Imo and leave behind a legacy that Ndi Imo shall be proud of . We are under divine oaths to create over 84 cottage factories in Imo state (3 in each LGA) in our first year in office , while rebuilding the decayed infrastructure in the state and ensuring that salaries and wages of public servants are paid as at when due .

Join us , Nnaemeka Obiaraeri and Tony Nwulu to rebuild Imo state . Share this message of good hope on the UPP platform

We shall come up with a more detailed road map on how we would do these projects , when we shall execute them , what resources we shall deploy , from where the resources shall come from , who shall be involved / responsibilities and timelines for deliverables .

No more akuko ifo

Ndi Imo you have a chance now . Please don’t throw it away . send Tony and Nnaemeka to serve you

Thank you

#MezieImo . #LetsmakeImoGreatAgain

Dr Nnaemeka Onyeka Obiaraeri , FICA , MIRA

By His Grace , the Incoming Deputy Governor of Imo state , May 29, 2019


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