The conquest of wickedness by Livy-Elcon Emereonye


There is no limit to what the human mind can conceive or think. There is also no end to what human beings can do. Testimonies abound of all that have been conceived and achieved. Human history is the story of a triumphant march of human endeavours. The list is endless and full of the good, the bad and the ugly.


It pays to build than to destroy. Our creations make life meaningful and enjoyable. But while it takes time and toil to build, it is easy to destroy and at less cost. The wicked can wreck monumental havoc and the consequences can last longer than expected.


One bad man, if not checkmated, can destroy the good work of a million good men. While it takes years to build monuments, a match stick wrongly used can raze down such structures within hours. Monsters don’t just grow when reasons sleep, they go to work with a little touch of anger.


Anger is a letter ‘D’ short of danger. With anger a potential danger can be activated, leading to ultimate destruction. When anger is let loose, avoidable ruination will follow. When a man played into the hands of his enemy, what he has laboured for would be destroyed with idiotic fancy – and the annihilation would be total if the destroyer is a nepotistically deranged despot!


It baffles beyond understanding to what extent people can go for evil. The carnage done by men under the influence of power is proof of man’s inhumanity against man. Some people can stop at nothing to destroy others even when it will cost less for reconciliation. Some prefer war to peace forgetting in a haste that war does no one any good. In war, every party records casualties.


What begs for an answer, and explanation, is the animalistic attitude of some human beings. Why do some people do everything to train and protect their children but will stop at nothing to devise evil and go out to punish and kill the children of other people? Those that inflict pains on others will do everything to avoid having pain.


There are evil people everywhere with no end to their machinations. They cause harm, pain and misery. However, in line with the law of polarity, the existence of evil people is proof that good people also exist. Be among the good people and work to overcome evil with good. Be the light that illuminates and overpowers darkness. Be a living testimony of good deeds.


Some people live in ignorance and don’t know what they are doing, and some who do know are victims of self-imposed bondage. By induction or imitation, they mortgage their conscience and become out rightly devilish perpetuating the cycle of mischief.


But it pays to be simple and free than being complex and living in fear. Wickedness does not pay. It rather creates barriers and causes avoidable problems. It makes life miserable and tears the world to pieces. A wicked person never knows peace and can never enjoy peace of mind. Indeed, they suffer more than the targets of their misdeeds. 


No one can truly gain something by pulling someone down. Extinguishing someone’s candle will never increase the intensity of another person’s light. Killing somebody will not add a second to another person’s lifespan.


There is really no need to plot iniquity. There is no justification for evil machinations. There is no creativity in destruction. There is no gain in misanthropy.


Every waste is a minus to humanity. Every wicked act darkens the world. Nothing of positive impact can be achieved with wicked intentions and dispositions. Wickedness blocks creative instincts and reduces humanity so shun it.


Be a peace maker and spread the message of peace and peaceful coexistence. Empower yourself and empower others. Channel your talents, energy and time into productive ventures. Do the little you can at every giving time to make the world a better place.


That we are here for a while should give us reasons to do our best without conflicts of interest and silly competitions so that when it is time to leave, we can gladly kiss and say goodbye without remorse or regret.


Learn to see, and get, the best from every situation and every experience. This way you will not be discouraged by the betrayal of a confidant or the attack of an enemy. Don’t be carried away by praises else you will fall for the baits of sycophants and pretended friends.


No man can ever give what he lacks. Be mindful of the company you keep. Don’t be cajoled to seek prosperity without meaningful work. A marriage of hard and smart work produces great results – anything outside this is a gamble, a dangerous ponzi scheme.


Good success is more of complementation. Give and you will get so we cannot grow by destroying others. It is not possible for a man to be pulling someone down and at the same time expect another person to be pushing him up. This explains why those filled with acrimony and malice often excel negatively, descending deep into retrogression having nothing to show at the end of the day.


We don’t need to put anybody down for us to rise so stop the sabotage. Were you guilty, repent and do restitution. Betrayal breeds revenge, and nothing can stop revenge, not even a plea of clemency through sanctimonious religious messages. Anyway, one may forgive but not forget as the sight and feel of betrayal scars bring back painful memories.


In pursuit of ambition and the conquest of happiness, no one should be harmed or sacrificed. It is wicked to plot the downfall of anyone but barbaric to kill another person. Avoid things that can cause pain or tears in others. Uplift people.


There is no gain in wickedness. Instead of cursing darkness, ignite light. The world is big enough for everyone to live. We can operate optimally without rancor and malice.


Another person’s success can never stop us from having our own success if only we are true to ourselves. Whoever we are, whatever we have, and however big they look, we are a microscopic infinitesimal part of the universe. Together, we achieve more.


There is a limit to everything. There is no lasting gain in wicked acts. Don’t be devilish; be compassionate. Have charity for all and malice for none. Live to be the light that brightens up people and places not darkness that blurs the path and ruins lives. Learn to build, not destroy; and build something good, edifying and unifying. Look for the good in every situation. Get the pearl from pains and you will live above board.


In the conquest of wickedness, we need each other and we need one another to get the best of life.

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