HE Ex president Goodluck Jonathan becomes the first African president to be given the Diplomatic Circles Award.


Former president Dr Goodluck Jonathan has been given the Diplomatic Circles Honour Award for upholding human rights in Africa making him the first president from the continent to receive the global accolade.


Dr Jonathan, who will receive the honour in Geneva, Switzerland on January 21 2016 at the group’s annual dinner, will also deliver the keynote address at the event. Diplomatic Circle, a group of global diplomats have decided to honour Dr Jonathan for his role in Nigeria’s peaceful transition during the last elections.


 Earlier this year, a public policy organisation on African affairs, the Africa Political and Economic Strategic Centre, had also nominated Dr Jonathan for the Nobel Peace Prize. It stated that the peaceful way he conceded victory to President Muhammadu Buhari in the general election as the reason that he deserves the attention of Nobel Peace Prize committee.


In addition, the group noted that although Dr Jonathan’s act might have not promoted fraternity between nations as required of a Nobel Peace Prize winner but he promoted fraternal peace among Nigerians by conceding power. Dr Jonathan prevented any rancour in Nigeria by conceding defeat to President Buhari after the last election, even before the results were announced


20 thoughts on “HE Ex president Goodluck Jonathan becomes the first African president to be given the Diplomatic Circles Award.

    1. Congrats and may the Good Lord strengthen you and remove/kill strife, pride and use you to forestall truth among His chosen Executives installed by HIM. Continue to fear Him and do His will! Christians seek not yet repose!


  1. A star is brightest in the darkest hours. The more they shoot at him, the brighter he shines. His silence drowns their noise. God bless Nigeria! God bless GEJ!! God bless us too!!!


  2. A star shines brightest in the darkest hours. The more the shoot at him, the brighter he shines. His silence drowns their noise. God bless Nigeria! God bless GEJ!! God bless us too!!!


  3. We from the southern part of Nigeria are very proud of Dr Jonathan for his selfless sacrifice leading to peaceful transition & one Nigeria. He is a celebrity indeed.


  4. Nigerian are very pround. to be associated with the former president Dr Goodluck E Jonathan for this simple but difficult tax that happened in the history of Nigeria and Africa.Goodluck. keep it up

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  5. I call him a Visionary, You have made your mark and it has Imparted Nigerians and the world. You have placed your footprints on the sand of times, You are well GRACED, Ride on Dr Goodluck Ebele Azikwe Jonathan.


  6. Dr. Goodluck. E Jonathan shall not only remain an index point but a directional compass in African democracy for African leaders to follow in observing democratic principles in leadership. Kudos to him.


  7. Its only God that can reward Mr. G.E.J Azikiwe. He showed the world how to separate the men from the children. He deserve more than the Award. GOD BLESS YOU GEJ.


  8. Should they know it would turn out this way, they would’ve supported your second term ambition. God works in a mysterious way. You are now outstaning amoung past presidents(Nigeria and Africa), you are now on the lead. God bless you, my God fearing leader. Congrats.


  9. This goes to the blammers party who keep on blaming a successful and carrier moving man. The more they blame you, the more God blesses you.


  10. The Good Lord is behind everything. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered. He knows those who love and well enough His adversaries. He can fight His battle without a helper. If someone has done well, He is a good assessor and Judge. He will do just that. If somebody had performed well after an outing He will weigh and test his/her works by fire. Good works become finer like gold and poor ones will go down like chaff/charcoal from wood. He is the Lord. Who can escape His Rod? Even giants from the north/south are running helter skelter. No one can battle with the Lord after all. He will unveil the mysteries concerning Nigeria past, present and future through the events we are witnessing and more to come.
    Everyone should refrain from evil. His eyes are very big swinging up and down then east to west seeing everything and everybody at the same time. THE BIG CHIEFS, THOSE WHO ARE UNTOUCHABLES, THE MAJORITIES AND MINORITIES, THE FILTHY RICH ONES AND THE POOR STRICKEN TYPE.THE FORTUNATE AND THE UNLUCKY ONES.


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