Propaganda and the gullibility and susceptibility of the Nigerian elite and its masses to government manipulation.

Why are Nigerians so fixated on the National Assembly and the Federal Government whilst being lukewarm about the activities of our state governors?

Are we not aware that the Federal government remits billions of naira for capital and recurrent expenditure to the states and local governments?

Are we not aware that these governors squander away and embezzle these funds meant for the states and local governments development?

The poor masses in the villages do not even get basic infrastructure and public amenities due to the embezzlements and mismanagement of funds perpetuated by most of our governors. How can we be chasing rats while our houses are burning?

If we exert a tenth of the energy we dissipate on fixating on the federal government and the NASS, we would jerk our governors and state assemblies into action and accountability.

Some states in Nigeria today require a total shut down of government protest until the governors can explain to the masses what they’ve done with the hundreds of billions and multi trillions allocated to them for the development of their states and local governments.

A typical LGA in the south east for example gets anything between 100-120 million per month. This works out to about 1 – 1.2 billion per year and almost 5 billion in 4 years, not to talk of allocations for the past 17 years.

Which LGA in Nigeria shows any signs of any significant investment in infrastructural development except for those who fall under city capitals or commercial centres? Why are we so quick to ignore what is most important? Why would we sit down and allow the governors to control and embezzle monies meant for the states and the LGAs? Why would we not vociferously call our governors to account for abysmal performances in their states? Are we under a spell? Are we so dumb that we are so totally captivated by state sponsored press propaganda that tends to misrepresent facts with glossy documentaries and newspaper pictures and stories?

We are sinking as a nation, and it is not the leaders that are to blame, it is us the people that have allowed things to degenerate to this level by not speaking out on the issues that matter most to us.

When election season approaches, we are regaled with fake promises and distribution of expired rice and embezzled money, and we go ahead to reellect the same old politicians who have squandered our commonwealth over the years and then complain when they disappoint us.

When i, and numerous other well meaning Nigerian social media influencers try to point us in the right direction by publishing stories and events that the media fail to report due to compromise of media ethics, we are labelled as wailers, wailing wailers.

We need to understand that effective revolution against misgovernance starts in the mind. It starts when you change the way you look at events. It starts when you begin to understand that there are other ways of looking at news propaganda that you’re probably not aware of. Not all that glitters is gold. Most news stories are coined in ways to catch your attention and make you see things in a certain predetermined way. on the other hand, a trained mind would always analyse news stories from different perspectives and come to a conclusion based on sound reasoning and logic.

Our major handicap as a people, is the predominance of illiteracy and the naive embrace of warped beer palour logic amongst our teeming youths and masses. A typical example and case in point is the Magu saga.

The reality of the saga is thus, the president submits a nominee for confirmation, the senate as usual, send a request to the DSS, an agency under the presidency for security clearance report, the DSS respond with a damning report which empowers the senate to reject his nomination and communicate same to the president. The president rather than find out from the DSS why MAGU was countered, decides to get the attorney general who is the nations prosecutor, to investigate the nominee. The attorney general responds and gives Magu a clean bill of health which emboldens the president to renominate Magu for confirmation. The senate recieve the president’s letter and send another request to the DSS expecting a recant of its former report, but instead get and even more damning report from the DSS on which grounds the senate decided to give the nominee a chance to clear the air concerning the allegations and answer pertinent questions crucial to the nomination hearing. Magu, in an obvious manner to Nigerians, performs shamefully abysmally and the senate finally reject his nomination.

My questions are, where have the senate gone wrong? Even if there are people in the senate who don’t want Magu cleared, why would an agency of the presidency provide the ammunition required to obliterate his clearance? Why are Nigerians not focused on why the DSS would counter the president’s nominee twice even after the attorney general had cleared him? Are we sure the president wrote the letter renominating Magu? How are we sure that the DSS boss as a kinsman of the president was not protecting the president from cabal manipulation of his communications with the senate? Is Buhari really in charge?

These are the questions Nigerians should be asking, instead, the sponsored press are manipulating us to focus on the senate and not on the regularities emanating from the Presidency. This is why I’m worried about the reasoning and poor education of our teeming youths and masses. Their level of gullibility and susceptibility to propaganda and manipulation is alarming.

It is in the same manner that the governors are able to get away with embezzlement month after month by diverting our attention from the real issues by extensive use of local propaganda and manipulation of information. We should begin to focus on the issues that impact us directly and we should start from the local government level.

This is just my sixpence contribution to the issue.

I am Chimazuru “oblong” Nnadi.

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