Biafran rhetorics versus Nigerian realism – By Eke O Eke.

When it comes to Nigerian politics, I give it to the north. So far they have outsmarted east, west and south.
Today they dominate the judiciary. Military, Federal civil service, customs and exercise and the police.

The have achieved this by applying a very old principle of ensuring that your best compete with the worst of your opponent. It is a principle the British perfected in their empire years.

Take for instance the current leadership. The north have assembled people who care only about the north and Islam and helped Igbos who have no courage to stand up for the interest of Igbos as Igbo leaders.

You hear people like Ngige, justifying discriminatory policy against Igbos, when the foundation of democracy is that a government governs for the good of all the people and not just for those who voted for it.

It is therefore clear that Igbos are to very large extent responsible for our woes. Our leaders are not fighting for what is important to us and our fair share. Moreover, we tolerate men and women of questionable character, morality and values as leaders.

As long as Igbos have as leaders unprincipled, corrupt sycophants, who use their position to steal from their people and not interested in what is important to the average Igbo man, nothing will change.
Look at the response of the north to the statement of  the Arewa youth ordering Igbos out of the north. It is a master piece in media management.

As soon as they realised the full implication of the statement, they went into over drive in damage limitation.

The governor of Kaduna state issued a statement and the youth were prevailed upon to recant.

Contrast this with the reaction of Igbo leaders, when Nnamdi Kanu started making inflammatory statements about Nigeria and insulting northern leaders with radio Biafra.

Up till today, no Igbo leader has thought it wise to dissociate Igbos from his inflammatory and insulting statements or advised him to apologise. We think we can play the end justifies the means.

Whatever, anybody thinks, we are still part and parcel of Nigeria and it will be a tragedy, if we allow ethnic nationalism to blind us to the realities of being part of a multiethnic country.

The fault is not in our opponents, but in our politics.


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