Asari Dokubo: I am Ready to Die for Biafra.

Former militant leader, Alhaji Asari Dokubo, believes Igbos and other ethnic groups can achieve their Biafra dream earlier than expected.

“Every one of us anywhere in the world, today, people are celebrating Trump but what diplomatic effort are we making that will direct Trump to continue the course of the Independent State of Biafra? Or are we just making noise on social media, are just making noise?” he queried in a recent interview with DailyPost.

“We must do the diplomatic street walk. We must be demonstrating it in the United States of America, Asia, Europe, everywhere.

“We must keep the people in light about the issue of Biafra, about the plight of Biafra. And that is why, for the first time Goodluck [Jonathan] did something that I like, when he went to the American conference to talk about the Southern Kaduna people and so on.

“That is a beginning, that’s a start. Other people should emulate that because it is a ploy to direct the attention of the people of the world to what is happening to the people of Biafra; what is happening to the people of Southern Kaduna; what is happening to the people of the Plateau.

“It is a ploy and we must all stand up and move. For me if its only 3 of us, let it be. This is the right time to stand up. I’m 53 years now and no one knows when anyone will die.

“No one knows when Asari Dokubo will die, no one knows when Buhari will die, no one knows when Nnamdi Kanu will die, Nobody knows when Uche [Madu] will die. But we surely will all die. Every one of us will die. So why are we afraid of death? Something that inevitable; something that will surely come.

“So that why we must all rise up and stop eating crumbs from the tables of the invaders. We are not afraid of anything. The only that will please us and restore our dignity is the actualization of Biafra and our independence.”


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