Good political analysis of the “senseless Kaduna Declaration” that makes lots of sense and probably further explains why no one has irrespective of calls from higher authorities been arrested.

Igbo must leave the north is a decoy; the real target is the impending Yoruba presidency- Now, let’s explain it out.

The whole idea is to cause a civil crisis by chasing the Igbo’s around in inner northern communities, this will then lure the military in, to carry out a coup, and end the osinbajo nightmare.

The northerners have recently lost all their strategic allies (middle belt, Niger delta and Yoruba, due to their serial abuse) and Yoruba are poised to, and will constitutionally take Over from a sick and incapacitated Buhari.

They need a civil crisis to bring in the military and hold on to power, waste some time, before planning a fresh democratic process that will favour them yet again. A kind of reset button. This must be the reason behind the recent coup rumours, and in testing that water, they realised it will be unacceptable to the west, as military intervention is fading across the world. But if you throw in a law and order breakdown, it will be justified.

Remember, Nigeria military is an all northern affair presently.

If their plans succeed and there’s a civil crisis via the “igbo must go crisis”, they expect the international community to even plead with the military to step in and restore normalcy.

Make no mistake about it, the northerners can’t threaten to scatter Nigeria, because they need the present state of things like oxygen. So, this is a clear classic decoy

Mine is to analyse.

Sam Uche Okoro


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