After years of difficult discussions with various Self-Determination Agitation Groups in Eastern Nigeria on how best to purse the resolution of the Constitutional Grievances of Eastern Nigeria, the Lower Niger Congress welcomes the recent Public Pronouncements of both the MASSOB and IPOB announcing the adoption of the LNC Referendum Template cum Roadmap, in place of the various other methods previously deployed in their pursuits.

For the LNC, there is only one Project, namely, to deliver Independence to greater Eastern Nigeria as defined by the 1885 Ethnolinguistic Map of the Territory which consists of the combined Eastern and Midwestern Regions as delineated by the 1963 Republican Constitution.

To achieve that Objective, the LNC had developed a 5-Phase Template and a Roadmap with Referendum as the landing mechanism as well as a very robust Consensus-Building Mechanism that neatly aggregates the Constituent Component Nationalities into a clearly defined Federating Relationship, encapsulated in a Charter of Relationships which will form the basis of the Federating Model between and amongst the Constituent Components Nationalities comparing the Lower Niger.

This Template was a phased 20-year Plan that is now in the 18th year, having delivered its Key Milestones that engaged both the imposed Constitution 1999 and the rest of Nigeria, in a manner that clearly defines the contents of the Constitutional Reconstruction and Reconfiguration we seek as well as Options open to all

There are so many other components in the Template and for Strategic Reasons which we took time to explain to each group, the LNC did not frame its Campaign as the pursuit of “Biafra” as did the Pro-Biafra Groups nor as “Secession” bid as the Biafra Groups did.

The LNC rather re-articulated the well known Constitutional Grievances of Eastern Nigeria outstanding since 1967, locating the existing Unilaterally imposed Unitarist Constitutional Arrangements as the focal point of disputation and so advancing a Remediation mechanism that border on the restoration of the Self-Determination Rights of Eastern Nigeria, confiscated and suppressed by what is now the Suzerainty of Nigeria that usurp the Sovereignty of the Constituent Components of the defunct Federation of Nigeria that collapsed since 1966 of which the Eastern and Midwestern Regions (the Lower Niger) were part.

In place of the largely uncharted and violence-prone “Biafra-or-Death” mantra/rhetorics and the Conquer-and-Occupy” scenario presented by the various “Biafra” Agitation Groups, the LNC articulated an orderly Transitioning process that take into account the Existing Governance Structures, designed to shut out violence from the entire process.

Still in the bid to keep out violence and to avoid the 1967 setting in which the Secession of the East isolated and pitched it on one side against an Alliance of the rest of the collapsed Federation of Nigeria, the LNC reached out to other parts of the Country which were desirous of foundational Reconstruction and Reconfiguration of the warped Constitutional Architecture of Nigeria in what became a new Alliance known as the Movement for New Nigeria, MNN, Co-Convened and floated by the LNC to actualize the PRONACO Consensus distilled 2004-2006, which basically revalidated the Aburi Accord of 1967.

The MNN which in 2007 challenged the Legitimacy of the so-called 1999 Constitution in Court on grounds of fraud, set in place a default mode that would wind up the failing Federation of Nigeria if any any group blocked the equitable resolution current imposed Constitutional Order. The MNN Broken Map of Nigeria is that default and it has been activated since those who should have reached a Consensus on Restructuring Nigeeare blocking that Consensus, especially from the North. There are of course Status Quo elements, particularly politicians, in all parts of Nigeria including the East who for personal gains, are opposed to any meaningful Constitutional changes.

The LNC had tabled this Template at various times to the Leaderships of ALL identified and identifiable “Biafra” Groups over the years including MASSOB of Uwazuruike-era, BILIE, BGIE of Enekwechi an co, IPOB of and several, others. As it turned out, only a few accepted the LNC Proposals. Others turned it down flatly with some going as far as alleging that the LNC was in another pursuit entirely different from their “Biafra Restoration” efforts.

With the passage of time and the recent occurrences in the land, it began to dawn on most of those Biafra Agitation Groups that the Designs and Processes contained in the LNC Template provide the most viable and most comprehensive engagements for resolving the issues around the Eastern Nigeria Question, hence the current movement towards the adoption of that LNC Referendum-Route Template.

The steps to be taken towards reaching the Referendum Milestone in the 5-Phase Process were Mandated by the Solemn Assembly of the Peoples of the Lower Niger in Port Harcourt April 27, 2015 which formally adopted the 1885 Ethnolinguistic Map of the Lower Niger Territory as the Geographical Description and Basis of the Prospective Six-Region “Lower Niger Federation” which will forge fresh Protocols with Willing, Compatible, Contiguities to its West and North in succession to the defunct Federation of Nigeria def toppled since 1966.

Pursuant to that Mandate, extensive works had been undertaken both in the Territory and in several places of decision making across the globe including the UN in New York.

On account of the substantial progress made in these exertions and despite the difficulties occasioned by the obvious several man-made obstacles including the absolute lack of clarity amongst our brethren in the Self-Redemption efforts we had all imposed on ourselves, the LNC by way of a well publicized Special Announcement, and at the the prompting of the Project Advisors, commenced the Registration of 3 Million Referendum Volunteers, January 1st, 2017.

It is against this backdrop that the LNC is pleased to receive the news of the adoption of its Template towards a UN-backed Referendum in Eastern Nigeria to end the 50-year War that had raged in various phases since 1967.

The LNC notes with satisfaction that the Niger Delta Agitation, which is a direct fallout from the unjust and inequitable actions of the Victorious Alliance of the rest of Nigeria in the 1967-1970 War against the Eastern Nigeria, was the first to embrace the LNC Solutions Model, going by the Sole Demand of the Niger Delta Avengers, 2016 namely, “THE RESTORATION OF THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE OLD EASTERN REGION BY WAY OF A REFERENDUM”

It is our belief that having become persuaded to embrace the LNC Referendum Template and Routemap, the various Biafra Agitation Groups would quickly modify their previous methods to bring their efforts into the process in a manner that will translate into one cohesive Lower Niger Independence Movement, driving one compact Campaign for Referendum in the Territory defined by the aforementioned 1885 Ethnolinguistic Map.

The LNC Leadership is consulting and will provide the interface required to effect the absorption of the new energies represented by these various adoptions of the LNC Referendum Template.

The LNC invites all Stakeholders to note that the Eastern Nigeria has repeatedly rejected the fraudulently imposed 1999 Constitution as the basis of the Nigerian Federation. Recent examples include the Communiqué of World Igbo Summit in Uturu in October 2016, which expressly stated the Igbo Rejection of the 1999 Constitution as the basis of Nigeria and demanded a return to the Federation Model dictated by the 1963 Republican Constitution of Nigeria.

It will also be recalled that the Communique of Igbo Summit of May 27, 2017 in Enugu, Convened by the World Igbo Congress, reiterated the Igbo rejection of the fraudulent 1999 Constitution and demanded that the Eastern Nigeria Question which has morphed into the current “Biafra” Agitation, must now be referred to a General Referendum of the Peoples of Eastern and also rejected further National Elections in Eastern Nigeria premised on that obnoxious 1999 Constitution.

The Conference of the Ethnic Nationalities of the Niger Delta had publicized a similar rejection of that 1999 Constitution by the Niger Delta since 2008 while the Yoruba of the Southwest Region have not only rejected the Document but has already crafted a Draft of what would be the minimum Constitutional Conditions to guarantee their continued Membership of the Nigerian Union.

There is therefore a near Countrywide consensus rejecting the so-called 1″999 Constitution” as the basis of Nigeria and its Democracy of inverted Federalism.

The May 30th 2017 Biafra Day shutdown of the entire Eastern Region is in itself an informal, yet emphatic Referendum on where the masses of the Eastern Nigeria stand on this issue.

To learn more about the LNC and the Referendum Process it is pursuing,

Visit the NOTICE BOARD of the website http://www.lnc-usa.org or contact+234-810-056-9448


Those from the Lower Niger Territory, wherever domiciled on the globe, who wish to join the Task towards the Independence of Eastern Nigeria via a Referendum, may Register as Referendum Volunteer by clicking on “REFERENDUM” at the home page of the LNC website and follow the prompts. (Use Regular Systems or laptops as Mobile Devises have their own limitations).


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