Those who have copies of the MNN Special Bulletin of May 2009, should go to page 6 and see the full page Advertorial extracted from Vanguard Newspapers of July 31, 2008, where the agglomeration of the Niger Delta Leading Sociocultural Organizations, (their own Ohanaeze equivalents including the Ijaw National Congress), under the aegis of the “CONFERENCE OF THE ETHNIC NATIONALITIES OF THE NIGER DELTA”, rejected the 1999 Constitution as basis of Nigeria, rejected amendments to it as cure as it was foisted by the Military, rejected the National Assembly as the authority to address the issues they were raising against the 1999 Constitution. They also listed the 10 Items they would be prepared to concede to a future Federal Exclusive Legislative List post-1999 Constitution as against the Current 68-Items Exclusive List.

They also listed for immediate abrogation and as a precondition for any Dialogue with Nigeria, the particular Legislations, enabled by the so-called Exclusive List, which directly injure the Niger Delta.

At that time, the Ijaw National Congress INC President was Prof Kimse Okoko, who Co-Signed the Advertorial as Chairman whereas Mike Orobator, a Bini and Principal Officer from the Edo Nationality Platform of the time, signed as Secretary.

This was the period that preceded the capitulation of the Federal Government in the War with Niger Delta when Amnesty was offered to save face.

It might interest us to know that riding on the crest of the Niger Delta Agitation of the time that had reached the Militancy proportions under MEND, Prof Kimse Okoko on behalf of the Ijaw National Congress, had undertaken trips to Lagos, just for the purpose of examining and interrogating these core Constitutional issues so as to help frame the Niger Delta Grievances as straightforward Constitutional Questions which Nigeria must engage.

What came out in the said Advertorial was a product of these undertakings.

Within 6months of that re-articulation of the Niger Delta Demand upon Nigeria by that visible Niger Delta Leadership Collective, MEND publicly adopted that carefully worded Charter of Demand as their new position and went further to insist that the PRONACO Draft be the basis of any Constitutional Discussions Nigeria may wish to have with them for a truce in the War they waged.

Find below, pictures of the Vanguard Advertorial, the MEND Adoption January 3, 2009 and the cover page of the MNN Special Bulletin of 2009. (MNN is an LNC undertaker arm involving the rest of Non-Caliphate Nigeria, pushing the reconfiguration and reconstruction of the failed Federation of Nigeria).

In that same period, the LNC engaged robustly with the South West in the manner that produced the same results in which the Yoruba Leadership Collective took out an Advertorial, repudiating the 1999 Constitution as the basis of the Nigerian Union and stating that the minimum condition for their continued membership of the Union of Nigeria was a reversion to the Federalism and Regional Autonomy.

The Yoruba Advertorial (Punch of January 20, 2009 photographed below), went on to state categorically, that “Ultimately, the Draft PRONACO Constitution would have to be adopted as the basis of our New Constitution. The Advertorial, taken out by an enlarged Afenifere (Including Afenifere Renewal, Yoruba Elders Council and many more) was jointly signed by Chief Reuben Fasoranti and Senator Femi Okurounmu and 32 other visible signatories whose phone numbers are still there on the ad for any enquiries.

The armed OPC publicly adopted this clear Pan Yoruba Position on Nigeria as their new demand.

It took many, many nights of one going from Owo, to Akure, Ibadan, Ondo, Ikare Ekiti, Akungba, Ife, Ijebu-Igbo, Abeokuta, and at times far away United States, quite apart the nooks and crannies of Lagos, to bring the badly fractured Yoruba Groups to this rare consensus from which they cannot successfully renege.

We did not leave out the Middle Belt. The outcome of our forays there showed up dramatically on the floor of the 2014 National Conference where the Middle Belt Delegations, for the first time in decades, abandoned the Caliphate and its pernicious directives, pitching tent with the rest of Nigeria to the South.

Let those who care to read go to the MNN Lagos Declaration of June 30, 2011 posted here during the Quo Vadis and see the signatories from the Middle Belt so they can understand what took place in Abuja in 2014 for which the Caliphate had been crying blue murder to date.

In all these, only the Igbo refused to even examine what the LNC was Proposals were all about.

Apart from Ojukwu, C.C Onoh, Chinweizu, Achebe, Ralph Uwechue and Rear-Admiral Godwin Ndubuisi Kanu (who was instrumental to bringing many of them in and who was directly threatened by the dumb bully in Otta as President) the rest of the Igbo Leadership Collective had been combative almost on a kneejerk basis to the LNC.

There was also an unsung Dr Chudi Nwike (now late) who embraced the whole vision in 2001 when he stumbled upon it in it’s early years and immediately deployed all at his disposal towards bring in the early converts including Chief Enahoro, Ojukwu and Admiral Kanu.

Short of physical combat with the Ohanaeze Administrations from the time of Dr Joe Irukwu, nothing was spared in trying to get our own people to join the rest of Non-Caliphate Nigeria in the new Consensus that had the capacity to salvage the dying Union of Nigeria.

It was this prololonged adamant refusal of the Igbo Leadership Collective to join in that consensus which landed us to where the enemy seized the reins again and therefore the 2011 Lagos Declaration at which we engaged the ARABA gear.

Whether anyone believes it or not, the trajectory of the voyage now is
ABUJA-ARABA-ABURI and we have virtually arrived the ARABA Terminus almost by default. It will in fact take a Referendum to reverse matters back from ARABA right now.

I think it was Chief Nice Nwokoro that alluded to the relative proximity of ARABA and ABURI yesterday where he asserted that we are much closer to Non-Federation (alarmists and scaremongers call it breakup) than we are to the so-called “Restructuring”.

My grouse with Devolution as being espoused here is that it leaves me in a Federation where Sharia requires its adherents in 12 Contiguous States of the Predominantly Muslim North to kill the “Infidel” which the Christian East is, and shall always be, in the warped estimation of the Sharia adherents.

Anyone who cannot furnish satisfactory answers to that concern which translates to life or death, is not likely to find the LNC or myself in the audience where the Devolution Gospel will be preached.

Nigeria was supposed to be a mutually beneficial symbiosis. It suddenly turned itself intodeadly parasitism in which the host must die for the parasite to live. The Southern Lady of means is being raped to death by the miserably poor Husband who refused to invest massive treasures bequeathed it by its partner-in-crime, Britain since 1914, but who now wants to exterminate the wife in order to inherit the remainder treasure, all under the marriage that collapsed irreversibly since 1966.

That One-Nigeria of Master and Servant, which is the parasite that kills its host in order to live large, must now be put to death in order to free its many captives including Eastern Nigeria.

That is what the LNC drew up a 20-year Script to deliver. Too late in day to save the Nigeria which had 50 years since after Aburi January 1967 to restore equity by chose wickedness. I am happy to have personally delivered the poison that killed the monster which ate up 3.5 of my Igbo siblings and which rendered life a living hell for the survivors.

Let those who wish to save that monster brace up for a long night.

Tony Nnadi


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