Boko Haram is Behind the Kaduna Declaration to Expel Igbo People from Northern Nigeria – Intelicor.

Boko Haram is behind the Kaduna Declaration to expel Igbo People from Northern Nigeria says Intelicor, after the second quarter meeting ended in Paris yesterday.

The Intel gurus said the reviewed eavesdropping information dubbed in February 2017, during exchanges between Boko Haram commanders and their operatives in the field ordering redeployment and integration into local community youth organizations instead of the mass redeployment to the South as Herdsmen as was earlier planned.

This was due to severe disruption by effective Nigerian military operations. Those that did not redeploy were ordered to join youth groups in the Northern states. Further probe revealed a master document that tells of a well conceptualized grand plan to totally disrupt economic and socio-political activities in Northern Nigeria.

The plan was designed to be carried out in three stages. First, to order Igbo people out of the Northern Nigerian States. Second, to order all Christians regardless of tribe and state of origin out of Northern Nigeria.

Third, to eliminate the present leadership and upper class, religious and non-religious in Northern Nigeria, to be followed shortly by a declaration of an Islamic State.

The preamble of this document talks about the need to rebrand the Boko Haram and assured continued funding of the group by their foreign billionaire sponsors.

All the planned killings of Igbo people will be done by persons disguised as representing Northern youth.

The mainstream Western Press would hype the Fake News that will create the impression that Northern youths are responsible for these dastardly acts.

So-called press interviews and “investigative journalism” work would be used to expose strategies by the government of Nigeria and Igbo people to defend themselves. Preliminary efforts were made to blackmail the Nigerian military which has demonstrated excellence in rooting out the menace of Boko Haram.

Fictitious reports by Transparency International and Human Rights Watch, as well as Fake News on a purported coup and corruption in the Nigerian Military leadership was aimed at using US congressional hearings to block arm sales to Nigeria and hamper the fight against Boko Haram.

The plan failed because Russia stepped in to help. “These facts, says Pierre Barre Jr, confirms what we already know that there is a high level international conspiracy against Nigeria in the fight against Boko Haram by those who pretend to be their friend and billionaire donors.

Only such persons who are internationally respected and are financial sponsors of these international organizations and mainstream media can hatch such a plot!”

The past government of Nigeria did not heed to warnings by Intelicor about the Greek gifts from the billionaire “friends”. However, help may be at hand soon.

The Trump administration has finally begun to deal with the state sponsors of international terrorism. It is believed that the next would be the Billionaire sponsors based in the United States and in Nigeria.


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