Portia Emilia Anthony writes: SARAKI, ATIKU or PETER OBI, THE PLOT THICKENS:

You see how they have laid out the corn, all
spread across and the chickens are gradually
coming home and soon they would roost. These
people know their games, they are the master
planners and executors and trust me they are

Osibanjo, if allowed to breathe cannot go beyond 2019 or he would pay with his dear life.

My London sisters and brothers are lamenting
that since Bubu went to meet them everything is upside down and I laughed and asked which
Bubu? But the truth is, Buhari dead or alive is an anathema, the man wakes with badness.
The power tussle is gradually coming to an end and the arrangement perfected to foist another failure on you lot. If you like argue.

The truth is Buhari is in Hades, they know, I know, Osibanjo knows, but you gullible ones are still moping in the dark like the blind bat and believing the lies because you love lies. Continue!

Now, here is the deal, Saraki cleared of all
misdeamenours, no, he never lied about his
assets declaration, he has never put a foot wrong, he is now as white as snow and completely squeaky clean.

Did you not question which court indicted Buhari of all his crimes to humanity? Did you not call him Mr Integrity?

Same way Bukola Saraki, the new Mr Integrity
has been cleared and he emerged triumphantly.

Keep watching. The coast is clear, chances are the new Mr Integrity would be your new president come 2019. I am thinking allowed, don’t mind me please.

Buhari is alive and Saraki cleared of all charges?

Keep dreaming after all, it is your right to.

The problem in Nigeria is not bad Governance per se, but lack of prescience and understanding of our convoluted political class and their shenanigans by the electorates.

Nigeria’s electorates are the most docile in the world and I stand to be corrected.

Corruption in Nigeria is a mere symptom of the docile populace that have refused to see the real corruption as the institutions set up by the political class.

They would come and tell you they want to fight corruption, “If corruption is not
killed, Corruption would kill Nigeria”. Is the complete acquittal of Saraki not corruption? Think about it. They have weakened every institutions and the call card is in their hands.

Buhari is dead and a President must emerge from the North or Nigeria would burn. This is the long protracted ordeal facing them, they are still tussling with power, when they are completely done, Buhari would suddenly, be announced as having passed on last night. Watch! This episode is gradually winding down to a close.

Yaradua/Jonathan cannot happen again, the
North vowed.

The battle ground is between Atiku who is in
camp Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, and the North Central who has Saraki. He has the federal might, he may be nominated to clinch the ticket, but does he have the flare across board? I doubt it.

The North sees him as a fake Muslim, the
moderate one, married purportedly to a Christian.

Can he win an election in the South West as
these ones hold the ace, a bit dicey but maybe.

Now, Atiku, do you still remember about four
months ago when Tinubu came out to drop the
hint that Atiku would make a good President?
What message was he passing on? Like it or not, the Yorubas right now, have no leader, Jagaban is still their man, their political leader and he has the Midas touch when he is ready, he can always whip it out.

OBJ said over his dead body would Atiku be
president, and it may likely be over his dead body because as it is Tinubu has more flare and panache than him and his South West people are likely to forget all of Tinubu’s sins and allow the sound of his voice rein supreme again. Watch!

In the South East and South-South, who do we
have apart from my man and crush of Life,
Jonathan, but that man is too gentle, I would allow him act the part of the leader that he naturally is.

Sorry, before you come and beat me up, I said Nnamdi Kanu is the leader of the SE and folks castigated me to no end.

I accept Jonathan as the one from the SS, pick yours.

Come 2019, I would throw all my weight on Peter Obi, the Igbos are also from this country and they deserve a chance, a proper chance. I would swim, breach all forms of protocols, cross all the bridges for that man, except he does not come out.

I would not say one good thing about Saraki or Atiku but honestly there is nothing good to say about these duo.

Of great Leadership and Institutional Failures, every pointers and empirical evidence which supports this argument, that bad governance and corruption are symptoms of leadership and institutional failures in Nigeria, Bukola and Atiku hold the formula to these facts. And they know how to do politics and frankly noh be them alone
waka come.

You can’t make a sentence about corruption
without having Atiku, Saraki in those sentences.

Ask Kwarans about Saraki, ask Obasanjo about
Atiku and why he can’t visit America for now.

If we had mechanisms for effective checks and balances, people like Saraki, Atiku would not be seen in public let alone be in notable positions across this country.

I have lofty accolades about Obi and I would whip them out when that time comes.

Saraki and Atiku are legislators who act as
predatory agents who have been able to ignore the welfare of their people and the voters and I would not be a party to making them Presidents.

All these clearance are to pave the way for them in 2019, as they are now gradually coming to terms with the fact that, they can’t keep the candle hidden under the bowl forever, it has started melting everything.
They can’t hide the fact that, Buhari died months ago.

At some point, they have realized they must find a method to cure their brand of madness.

My take entirely.

# IStandWithPeterObi.

I hope Obi makes me petroleum minister. Abi I noh reach? If you like laugh! Na you sabi.


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  1. Atiku Abubakar is a Statesman I believe will make a great President/Father to all Nigerians.
    He’s a detribalised and progressive leader who has the interest of the Nigeria people at heart.


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