Scene one:
CCT freed Tinubu – we applauded

CCT freed Saraki – We complained

Scene two:
Saraki hired five SANs – we criticise

Buhari hired 13 SANs on Certificate case – we applauded

Scene Three:
Yemi Osinbajo led 65 SANs to defend Tinubu at CCT trial, we applauded.
Kanu Agabi led 65 SANs to defend Saraki at CCT trial, we screamed blue murder.

Scene Four:
Adeyemi Ikuforiji, as ACN Speaker of Lagos State House of Assembly was tried by the EFCC for corruption but never vacated as Speaker throughout his trial- We kept quiet

Saraki as Senate president faced trial at CCT and did not vacate as president – We shouted

Scene Five:
Ikuforiji was acquitted of 54 count charge by the court after a no-case submission – We didn’t accuse the judiciary of colluding with the accused

Saraki and Justice Niyi Ademola were similarly freed after a no-case submission – But we alluded to judicial complicity.

Scene Six:
Tinubu used technical argument at CCT, he was freed. We applauded.

Saraki used same technical argument at CCT but CCT said it made a “mistake” to free Tinubu with that argument. Therefore the argument that worked for Tinubu could not work for Saraki. We also applauded.

Why the double standards?
Because many of us react based on prejudice, political interests and selective perception.

Itsey Sagay (SAN) on Tinubu CCT corruption trial:

“Asiwaju Bola Tinubu’s trial was politically motivated. There is no prima facie evidence against the former Lagos governor. And since you cannot put something on nothing and expect it to stand, the trial is bound to fail.”

Itsey Sagay (SAN) on Bukola Saraki CCT Trial:

“There is nothing political about Saraki’s trial. A crime is a crime no matter who’s committed it. I was shocked by the ruling. The amount of evidence against Saraki is overwhelming. The war against corruption must undergo serious review.”


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