We need the following as our share for national economic developments.

1• Ajaokuta Steel Company completion.

2• Mumbila Hydro-Electric Power Plant.

3• Dredging of River Niger and Light Weight Cargo Ports at Lokoja in Kogi, Kanji in Niger, Yauwuri & Dole kaina in Kebbi State.

4• Oil Exploration in Lake-chad of Borno, Bauchi, Benue and Sokoto State.

5• International Parashable Market at Mokwa in Kwara State.

6• Kaduna & Kano Dry Ports and Illela Border International Market.

7• Northern Mining Corporation Jos.

8• Adamawa and Taraba Ranch & Dairy Mechanised Farm.

9• Mining Industries in Nasarawa, Kebbi, Kaduna, Kogi, Plateau and Sokoto State.

10• International Children Hospital Yabo, Sokoto State.


that all this projects are on going projects some awarded under first, second and third republic and Obasanjo. And none is a new project to be initiated now, but long time conceived, however, abandoned, neglected or under funded, imagine Ajaokuta steel Company was 98% completed over 30 years ago, but strangulated.

At least, with this few well deserved projects, restructuring under whatever federalism (disguise) can be justified, otherwise the status core remains or else let everybody return to his/her place of birth and control his resource well, as we need to have some space in the North.

Let us parts to develop and separate to progress. No domination, parasiting and
Sequarting. Afterall, a hausa adage says, “living in peace is better than living as a prince”.

Enough of calling names, gang ups and insults. No to restructuring and no to resource to control and no to true federalism, without getting our shares of economic infrustractural development as done to the South.


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  1. Mallam Dabo
    This the wayyou People speaking as If you own our lives. You People have been leaders of this country, Why did’nt they provide all for the north,the north has 68 percent of públic primary schools yet your almajiris refuse to be educated, your región have never been able to sustain itself even b4 almagamation,you People are the trouble with nigeria,better understand that the south May continúe to accommodate you only If you can Humble yourself and know that the north has problems,Nobody has monopoly of violence


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