This Narration about first seeking Restructuring before going for Self-Determination if Restructuring fails, looks logical and reasonable on the surface.

The big problem is that right now in Eastern Nigeria, there is a huge gap between the People and the Elite that claims to lead them.

The People have waited for equity and Restructuring for 50 years since after Aburi 1967 and they now want out of Nigeria, after much visitation in bloodshed, pain, misery, wickedness and utter hopelessness.

Whilst not discountenancing the hardworking Igbo lot who have by sheer hard work and ingenuity, triumphed over the many man-made debilitations of Nigeria, we must now accept that there is a segment of the Elite that had found ways to insert itself beneficially into the rot the we call “the Nigerian System” and is totally opposed to the People in this Quest to escape bondage and so continue in the wil-o-the-wisp chant of “Restructuring”, which many amongst the chanters cannot even define, much less articulate a viable plan to enact.

On the other hand, the Self-Determination Campaign which the LNC leads, first set in motion a framework to achieve the long-overdue Restructuring, but knowing the legendary recalcitrance of the Born-to-Rule Caliphate, also had in place a Default Mode that would without warning, wrest the monstrous Master-Servant One-Nigeria to the ground and free its many captives including Eastern Nigeria.

That Default Mode which was designed to dismantle One-Nigeria for total Reconfiguration according to the freewill of its currently entrapped Constituent Components including the East, was activated in June of 2011 when the belligerent Caliphate resumed the killing of our People in enforcement of the ungovernable regime they had threatened to enact in 2010 when by the sleigh of Providence, an Eastern Nigeria Element emerged as President.

The Biafra-or-Death Campaign interposed itself in the meantime and there came with it a heightened urgency and danger of postponing the inevitable Reconfiguration of Nigeria.

At the time the Quo Vadis Debate was being put together by Nzuko Umunna, in February 2017, the masses of Eastern Nigeria had decisively moved on from the Restructuring Option towards Self-Determibation and I had, as a Field Combatant in the undeclared War Nigeria was/is waging on the East, tried to inform NU of that important Development but those who felt Nigeria must be saved and preserved at costs prevailed.

My suggestion at the time was that the time had come for the Eastern Nigeria Leadership Collective to fully identify with the undisguised aspirations of the People they lead, by joining the demand for the the Igbo/Eastern Nigeria/Biafra Question in Nigeria to be referred to a general Referendum of the People.

That way, the push for Restructuring would have behind it, the the fuel of the deep exertions of Self-Determination Collective.

I was practically shouted down by the Restructurists who carried on as if Self-Determination was mutually exclusive with Restructuring.

I furnished the house all the Materials that Document the unseen reality of the situation we had to help resolve for Nd’Igbo and Alaigbo, both in Content and Process.

Prompted by the urgency of the situation, I even went beyond the call of the Debate, to share with NU, an important Stratagem Instrument already deployed by the LNC, to leverage the outgunned Igbo in the table of bargain, in which the enemy that prepared itself only for an ABUJA-ABURI-ARABA routemap for dealing with the Igbo/Eastern Nigeria/Biafra Question, would suddenly be confronted with the fait accompli of a totally unanticipated.


It is that reversed order surreptitiously implanted, that is playing out now all across Nigeria.

It was the refusal of many in NU to see that reversed order that led to the “Restructuring First” decision of NU at that Quo Vadis Debate which is now totally unsustainable because the North has repudiated the Restructuring Consensus, the Acting President has expressly dismissed it; the Attorney-General of Nigeria has ruled it out. The Governors Forum of the Ruling APC has made a volte face from it. Only from the East do we still hear the receding shrills for “Restructuring”.

Then came the informal Referendum of May 30th 2017 by way of the Biafra Day Shutdown and its many fallouts including the Quit Notice from the North.

We must now find the courage to reconcile ourselves with the aspirations of the People we claim to lead otherwise they will follow whoever and whatever provides anything that looks Leadership including the Supremo variety.

There is a structured Template already on the table to achieve this reconciliation with our People. The only thing that needs to change is the sequencing since Restructuring is not mutually exclusive with Self-Determination.

The currently reality on Igbo ground zero dictates “Self-Determination First” and not “Restructuring First” as NU decided in March 2017.

The bulk of the Contents of the NU Reports of course remain applicable and important. It is a matter of realignment with reality.

I thank the able Moderator for posting the Quo Vadis Package that would help those of us who were not here in February 2017 to examine the issues more comprehensively.
Most Respectfully

Tony Nnadi


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