Words on Marble! 

“The majority of technicians in Kano are from the south while untrained indigenes beg. How does that make sense?”

In Kano, the town of Kwankwaso where the former Governor of Kano state, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso is from is believed to have been founded by an Igbo man named Felix Okonkwo, alias Okonkwo Kano who was a member of the Northern Nigeria House of chiefs in 1957.

At about 1927 he had founded a trading business at the railway tracks approaching Kano where he bought groundnuts, processed it and transported it to Lagos and named his business Okonkwo and Sons. He had a large sign board. The native born Kano people called it Okonkwosons which eventually became Kwankwasons and eventually Kwankwaso.

After spending 90 years in Kano, would Okonkwo’s sons now leave and return to the Southeast? We do not have to learn from our mistakes. Let us be wise and learn from the mistakes of Uganda and Zimbabwe.

If it is implemented, this quit notice will affect the Igbos for a little while. But they are resilient. They will overcome it within a short time. But will those quitting them be able to overcome it?”-

Emir of Kano, HRM Muhammadu Sanusi II


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  1. We can truly understand that the Igbo are on a cultural mission to civilize the world. They are enterprisingly creative and a part of being out there. Being so divine and resilient, they change where they live, work and school. Ordering the Igbo to vacate a place with ethnic grudge is like questioning God for making the Igbo thick.


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