Ohanaeze, Afenifere and Niger-Delta to boycott 2019 general elections.

Where are those disparaging Nnamdi Kanu Online? Are you guys gonna disparage Ohanaeze, Afenifere and Niger-Delta for threading the same path with Nnamdi Kanu?

Denial is not realizing Nigeria in its present form is not working.

In case, you were not aware of it, Afenifere, Ohaneze and the Niger Delta are planning to boycott the 2019 general election if the federal government does not begin the restructuring process. The campaign to boycott the 2019 election will likely begin in early 2018.

If you think boycotting of election is a dumb and utopian idea, wait and see the kind of crisis Nigeria will get into by your simply not coming out to vote.

If the entire Southern Nigeria succeeds in boycotting a general election, the federal government will have no choice but to conduct another election which will obviously be a referendum on the agitation that led to the boycott.

Legitimacy begins and ends with the people, not the government, Muhammadu Buhari nor the constitution.


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