The Igbo leaders should come out purposeful to stop Nnamdi Kanu in his illusionary and unrealistic agitation for a socalled state of Biafra.

Dim Ojukwu himself said the Biafra chapter closed when Biafran soldiers surrendered to Nigerian troops on 15 January 1970. If Ikemba Nnewi makes a prophesy about Biafra, Who else can say otherwise?

Why: Because by his current actions regarding Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu is effectively foreclosing any chance of any Igbo man becoming the President of Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu is making a whole lot of people become really angry with the Igbos and looking at the Igbos as intolerant people who must always have it their way or no deal.

Indeed people are now beginning to think that it is not worth it living with the Igbos in the same country.

The Igbos are really loved in the North for a very long time before the young man Nnamdi Kanu started this very mindless, annoying, distasteful, repugnant and unachievable agitation. The North and indeed the whole of Nigeria is now having a rethink about the Igbos.

The North used to consider the Igbos as worthy partners in progress. All that is changing.

People are now saying that come what may, they will NEVER support an Igboman for Nigeria’s Presidency because of the recent secessionists activities of Nnamdi Kanu.
This young man has blackmailed the Igbos and changed the people’s perception of this sociable, industrious, hard working and enterprising people called Igbos.

Nnamdi Kanu is naive. He simply doesn’t understand that he is destroying the political fortunes of the Igbos. Nnamdi Kanu looks every inch an unintelligent fellow who lacks the capacity to see beyond his nose.

Because he is unintelligent and minimally endowed or desperate to make money for himself and obsessed with fame, Nnamdi Kanu could not understand that Nigeria will NEVER breakup. Not in our lifetime. Not even in the generation after us.

At worst, the military will come in to protect the sovereignty of this country called Nigeria.
If the target is to get an Igbo Presidency, then the project had failed because Kanu’s agitations have projected the Igbos in bad light in the minds of all Nigerians.

The Igbos need to understand that if they want the Presidency, they need to work in association NOT in isolation with other sections of Nigeria.

Only the votes of the Igbos cannot win the Presidency for them. President Buhari is adored in Northern Nigeria. If you touch Buhari, you will certainly have a problem with the North. FACT.

The Kanu agitations look every inch a hoax and intended only at getting the Presidency because Northern youths have given the Igbos an offer which the Igbos refused.

It is simply laughable that Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB gang who said they are agitating to create Biafra will now refuse the offer to leave the North and go to their land.

IPOB even condemned the Northern youths for asking the Ibos to leave which in essence is what the Igbos are asking for.

If you truly want Biafra, then why reject the offer of the Northern youths to leave the North and go to Biafra?

Is Nnamdi Kanu working to make it HARAM for an Igbo man to be President of Nigeria?

Definitely YES.

Unfortunately, Nnamdi Kanu doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to understand this.
Stop Nnamdi Kanu and work with all sections of Nigeria else there may NEVER be a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction.

This is the truth.


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