CHIEF John Nwodo and his purported  rebuke of Nnamdi Kanu/IPOB. – By Nnaemeka Obiaraeri

I have taken time to read through the full text of the speech by Ohaneze President , Chief Nnia Nwodo on the floor of the Anambra house of assembly and found out that it was not as pungent or anti IPOB or Nnamdi Kanu as some people painted it. The Nigeria media can spin things out of proportion.

Chief Nnia Nwodo , I must concede has brought some new level of focus to the activities of the Pan Igbo sociocultural group , Ohaneze Ndi Igbo. He is very cerebral and intelligent. He is one of the few past political office holders of the Igbo extraction, whose recent, utterances , actions and rapprochement as the head of the Ohaneze has to some extent redeemed him from the hall of infamy based on their past collective larceny against our collective well being as a people .

While I personally appreciate the need for us, the Igbo leaders of thought to help direct the operations /activities of Nnamdi /IPOB in order to extract maximum benefits to our people without alienating our neighbours , who share common interests and aspirations as us , I must strongly caution on any public disagreement amongst the gladiators .

We must also bear in mind that even in the height of the Niger Delta insurgency , the likes of Edwin Clerk and other Ijaw leaders did not publicly lampoon Tompolo , Asari or Ateke Tom.

Ndi Igbo must be very careful not to play into the hands of our haters, traducuers and enemies within and without . Some of them will latch on any open rebuke or fierce disagreement to create /deepen the divide now . Yes , Nnamdi was tactless in his elections. boycott call , but we should learn to resolve our differences within . Ihe a wu okwu ime ulo. The elders must learn to talk with wisdom in-house

Nnamdi Kanu would have remained anonymous if we had quality leadership in Igbo land or if our political office holders had been a lot more vocal , selfless and committed to the overall Igbo interests in Nigeria . Some of those , who jump in to share every negative things about IPOB, but always silent on the great impact they have made so far are those , who are so comfortable with the rot in the land or who are enjoying in their corner and would not want to ruffle feathers . It is all about interest . Self interest and preservation . No sacrifices .

In this struggle for the freedom of NDI Igbo from 50 years of oppression in Nigeria , we need both the rough neck tactics that Nnamdi Kanu/IPOB brings plus the intellectualism and strategic cool headedness that Nnia Nwodo/Ohaneze Ndi Igbo/Igbo intelligentsia provides.

We must all work together as one in full consultations .

Anayo Nwosu did a post on how we can remove the fly that fell into our sweet IPOB wine via the ill advised election boycott call and still savour our sweet IPOB wine . We must not alienate our youths, they are not happy with their future that is so uncertain because of the past perfidious actions and inactions of our elders .

NB : please those close to IPOB should help advice Nnamdi Kanu, not to publicly join issues with Nnia Nwodo. He should not be tempted to take the public place to respond . We must restrategize.

This season requires Ndi Igbo to be more tactful , wise and strategic in our utterances and actions . We must ride the momentum and weather the storm without playing into the hands of our enemies within and without . We shall collectively overcome the oppression and injustice in Nigeria .


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