The Nigerian government took everything from us (Igbos) to develop other regions, told us it is for all of us to enjoy, for we are “One Nigeria”.

When we moved to those regions to access the infrastructures built by the fraudulent Nigerian government with our own resources, they tagged us immigrants, mocked and told us how we left our land undeveloped as if they are the ones that developed their own lands.

I don’t know what is wrong with other Nigerians. They call us ingrates because we ask for equity, justice and fair-play.

They call us immigrants in our own country just because we live in a land developed by the government of our supposed country.

They call us thieves even when our names are not Umaru Dikko, IBB, Abacha, Buhari, Abdusalami, Turai, Buratai, Yakubu, Dasuki, etc.

They call us kidnappers even though we are not shettima, buhari and the APC that kidnapped Chibok girls.

They said we are everything that is wrong with Nigeria, we agreed, accepted and decided to leave so Nigeria can breathe some fresh air. They turned around to say we are going nowhere and hypocritically blabbing that nobody is holding us. Since they said no one is holding us, we urge other Nigerians to join hands to ask Nigerian government to conduct a referendum for us Igbos to decide where we want to be.

I don’t know why other Nigerians are so afraid of Ndi-Igbo to the extent that any move we make sends shivers down their spines. The rejection of the call for a referendum by other Nigerians affirmed one thing, that Nigeria is only keeping Igbos in Nigeria only for the mere reason of taking from us.


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