Anambra State Association World-Wide (ASA World) Secretariat responds to the recent group pronouncement on the up-coming November Election in Anambra State:


Anambra State Association World-Wide(ASA World), is the umbrella Association of Ndi Anambra Worldwide. ASA-World is currently made up of original 27 partners in services members of AnambraState Diaspora Association indigenes from across the globe. We were formed in1990 and have since then existed as an “Ombudsman”; meaning a ‘WATCH DOG ‘for Ndi-Anambra from across the globe, for the oppressed, marginalized and underprivileged. As the “Ombudsmen”, our goals are to impartially monitors, investigate, question the actions, and conduct oversights activities on those holding “Public Trusts” and expose the impacts of their actions on the citizenry.

From our worldwide Secretariats, we pronounce that “No one”! But, the indigenes of Ndi-Anambra can act or speak on behalf of Ndi-Anambra. All actions and attitudes associated with democratic governance and social participation in election or otherwise any other civil liberty associated matters in Anambra and or the respective Igbo Speaking States must originate from the citizenry of that respective “State(s)”. In this case , as in all case, the recommendation to participate, and or not to participate in the coming “Anambra Election must come from the citizenry and direct Stakeholders. As such, as an Anambra Diaspora World-wide, we work in concert with other direct apex Anambra State Stakeholders.

We have however; time and again in the past collectively engaged our parent apex organization like and the Igbo World Assembly (IWA), Ohanaeze and its Leadership for clarity on“Collective Igbo Agenda”.

Igbo World Assembly (IWA), the umbrella organization of Ndiigbo in Diaspora recognizes Ohanaeze Ndigbo Led by the President General Bar Nnia Nwodo as the legitimate Igbo Mouthpiece of Ndiigbo Worldwide that includes Ndi-Anambra.

ASA-World appreciates the efforts of all other group to address the ongoing State of Affairs of Ndi-Igbo in the Nigeria Union, however, we recommend that the respective groups should work in concert with all Igbo speaking State through consultation and selective designate before any pronouncement on Igbo related matters. Otherwise, the result of all well-meaning groups efforts will be discourse from all angles that will further divide, than enhance the plight of Ndi-Igbo in the Nigerian Union. Through consultations and unified agreeable front, my brothers and sisters, is how “Igbo Agenda can be realized. Divided we fall, united, we stand. In the words of Martin Luther King, “we either succeed together as brothers and sister or perish together as fools”.

Today, it is Anambra State Election issue; tomorrow it could be Enugu State, Abia State, Imo State, Ebonyi State, Delta (Anioma) State and Rivers (Igbo Speaking) States or South-East and South-South states.

Anambra World – Diaspora as such declares that unless otherwise, collectively decided by the citizenry of States in question, in a collective protest against perceived injustice on that state and or its interest(s), the citizenry’s Civil and political rights which are“ a class of rights that protect individuals’ freedom from infringement by governments, social organizations, and private individuals must be respected. These rights ensure the citizenry’s ability to participate in the civil and political life of the society and state without discrimination or repression adhered to. The exercise, of election and participation assures the citizenry of their basic human rights of ownership in their governance.

“They”, the “Electorates, “give their “trusts” to the aspirants in the hope that they do right by them.

Anambra State Association (ASA)World demands that COMMON SENSE SHOULD PREVAIL in the conduct and utterances of people acting on behalf of Ndiigbo. The Common Sense ASA World is talking about is that before any group in Igbo land like Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)makes such unilateral statements that affect Ndiigbo, and in particular NdiAnambra, regarding the forthcoming elections, consultations should have been made, issues agreeable upon, and a unified position taken before pronouncements are made. That is how our contemporaries in the Corporate Nigeria conduct themselves. When due consultations are properly made, we as Ndiigbo should speak with one voice.

Anambra State Association(ASA) World, is not condemning any group that might be fighting for the same cause in the interest of Ndiigbo such as the quest for Self-determination or the State of Biafra, but it must be legitimately coordinated, without disrupting ‘FOR NOW’ the civil Rights and Liberty of Ndi-Anambra to exercise their civic Right to vote come 18th November 2017.

Anambra State Association (ASA)World advocates for the respect of INSTITUTIONAL STRUCTURES AND THE ADOPTION OF STRICT DISCIPLINE.

ASA World as a member of Igbo World Assembly (IWA) stands with IWA and Ohanaeze Ndiigbo in asking for the restructuring of Nigeria. If exploring that option fails, then Ndiigbo may have no other choice than to decide on the inevitable.

Anambra State Association (ASA) Worldwide equally recognizes and commends the sacrifices, the risks, and efforts of all groups such as IPOB that exist and are fighting for freedom of Ndiigbo and other Nigerians. More importantly, ASAWorld holds in good memory Ndiigbo who have lost their lives in previous and the current struggles by Ndiigbo to exercise their rights for freedom as citizens of Nigeria. While we appreciate the effort of freedom fighters such as IPOB to liberate us from evil oppression, ASA Worldwide disagree with their election boycott tactics in Anambra State.

ASA-World and Ndiigbo will support a Nigeria where peace love fairness, justice equity and equality of opportunity are paramount regardless of creed, ethnicity gender or political affiliations.

We back the restructuring of the federal republic Nigeria and we call on the federal and all Nigeria leaders to commence a process of dialogue among Nigerians on the modalities of achieving this pressing question as soon as possible. ASA World calls for implementation of the 2014 National Conference recommendations as soon as possible.

Most Nigerians except a few are willing to restructure and move forward because there can never be peace nor progress with the present status quo. The inalienable rights of all peoples and/or indigenous peoples to self-determination is recognized in the United Nations charter and in the African Union Charter on human and people’s rights both of which Nigeria is a signatory. If dialog among Nigerian fails or fails to materialize or is not implemented on a timely manner, we as a people have the right to pursue other options such as self-determination through the United Nations and African Union charter.

Ndi-Anambra, ASA-World unanimously declares that:

1.The Anambra November2017gubernatorial election must hold, provided that the infrastructure for free and fair election are in place

2. ASA World wants Ndi Anambra to participate and exercise their legitimate and inalienable rights to vote and to be voted for.

3. That the election should be free and fair and that the election are legitimately done and unanimously picked by the citizenry, and that;

4. The elected are not coming into the office with their personal agenda incompatible with the electorates. In other words, no Sycophant is allowed to gain public trust by deception

For the record, we implore group and or group positioning themselves as the mouthpiece of Ndi-Anambra and or Ndiigbo, to please consider that without a legitimately instituted structure in Anambra and or any Igbo Speaking States, any negotiation at any level outside of Igbo Speaking States will be both chaotic and counterproductive.

United we stand, divided we fall. In the word of the great Martin Luther King, we either succeed together as brothers and sisters, or perish together as fools”.

ASA-World’s goals remain primarily to use community development initiatives and the underlying action plans to bring sustainable development in Anambra State and by so doing making our State, the light of the nation, a Strategic Asset in whichever Union we are involved.

ASAWorld is an unbiased, nonprofit and nonpartisan charity organization with corporate social responsibility to enthrone and protect good governance in the state.

ASA -World will continue to work towards the following:

1. Implementation of our “Action Plans ”for constructive engagement with all Anambra stakeholders that include, among other things, “Direct Investment”

2. Fundraising schemes; using our international charitable status to make our home state a “Strategic Asset” through Free Medical Mission. As the saying goes a healthy nation is invariably a wealthy nation.

3. Sourcing infrastructure for a functional specialist hospital in Anambra State.

4. Assisting with mechanized Agriculture and;

5. By marketing travel and tourism in Anambra State with particular emphasis on “Ogbunike Cave”.

6. Through our direct engagement we assist in minimizing and invariably, empower our future – Igbo Youths, eliminating poverty in our home state.

7. By engaging Foreign Investors, we hope to bring infrastructural and human capital development, adding oomph to the issues of youth unemployment that gives rise to hopelessness and self-destructive activities

Anambra Kwenụ! Igbo Kwenụ!! Mua nụ,!!! Kwezue nụ!!!

Information communicated on behalf of Anambra World Wide Diaspora Partners in Services organization ASA-World;

Respectfully submitted by;

Chudi Asidianya MA, BA, LSC, IEO

Dr.Nwachukwu Anakwenze
Chairman Anambra World-wide

Cc: Christian Onuorah,
Vice Chairman Anambra World-wide

Cc:Michael Okaka
DSG,SecurityCouncil, Anambra World-wide

Cc: President Council /All Associates and Trustees from across the globe.

In Solidarity with: Canada, USA Affiliates, United Kingdom, ASA, Japan, South Africa, USA, Dubai, Russia, China, Valencia-Spain, Ireland, India, Dubai, Finland, Pakistan, Iceland, Switzerland, Germany…

Anambra Worldwide (ASA-World)


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