You stay in your corner everyday to whine and complain about the evil and misrule in this jungle, called Nigeria.

You complain about the wicked, parversive, criminal and fraudulent activities in the National Assembly.

You curse and rant on the monumental corruption there and in Aso coven .

Your timeline is filled with loads and records of daily abuses of political office holders occasioned by the misrule in Nigeria .

You are frustrated endlessly because Nigeria is retrogressing when other peer nations are moving forward.

You daily acknowledge and complain that the political office holders at all levels and arms of government are only representing their pockets and stomach.

You know of a truth, proven overtime that INEC is a cesspool of corruption.

You realise that the country require surgical reforms, sociocultural, socioeconomic, sociopolitical, fiscal, autonomous and governance restructuring.

We have been on this long/endless route of talk , talk , talk and no action since 1966 till today . Where is the 2014 confab report ?

Then , one young man and his team members out of the blues through his radical and unconventional approach have gotten the whole Nigeria and the world talking about the matter and now logically pushing towards the true reform we all clamoured for.

Yes, his approach may have been unorthodox. Yes, he needs to continue fine tuning his approach and strategy . But he has shown clearly that unlike those before him , he meant business.

Rather than constructively criticize him.

Rather than constructively profer better solutions and approaches.

Rather than join your voices now that things are gaining traction to shout down our collective oppressors this time to truly bring that reform we all clamour for, you are now teaming up with them to destroy the young man and his group.

You brand him with all manner of roguish titles, but spare the true rogues who abuse you daily.

You now team up with the same rogues you complain about to take away your chance of continued assault and pressure on this unrepentant establishment .

You now ask the same young man to channel his grievance through the same band of political terrorists who would prefer that the status quo remain and who have always devised means of keeping you in bondage and suppressing every vehicle of change that drives into their shrine , sorry chambers and Aso coven.

Please I ask you again , where is the agreed 2014 Confab report/recomendation? Okay, if they say it was not good, where is their own SNC they have been shouting about since 1993 after the annulment of Abiolas election?

See my friend, these current politicians can only bend by force. Only the masses revolt will bring true change in Nigeria. That is what IPOB represents.

Listen to me again my friend and get common sense. IPOB is recognised by law. A court of competent jurisdiction has ruled that it is not an outlawed organisation.

Please note that Herbert Macaulay, Zik and Awolowo, did not get the permission of my father and grand father first before they formed NCNC and Action Group to fight for your liberation from the British overlords.

They formed it and others joined. I am not sure they brought palm wine and isi ewu gifts to your own grand father first .

I do not know how many people Mandela and Oliver Tambo consulted before they started the Youths militant wing of ANC, just like Nnamdi Kanu learnt that it was Chief Dozie Ikedife that founded IPOB. They started, and others joined and helped them.

IPOB is not forcing you to join their struggle . They are not forcing you to become their member. You can go and form your own group to start your own refined brand of struggle .

Start pushing from your own corner to help pull down this jungle and rebuild a better place for all . When we succeed , we can all sit down to harmonize things.

If you can’t do anything worthwhile , please do the best next thing . JUST SHUSH UP AND JOIN THE OBSERVERS CLUB.

With every passing day, I get more enlightened with the wisdom of mass revolt in Nigeria. We are stuck with demon infested, greedy and very corrupt political establishment that can only be jolted with massive and unorthodox rejection of their vile ways and this warped/corruption enhancing system they so much enjoy.

There is no middle point here, it is either will start the process of dismantling this evil jungle to enthrone a new one or #BIAFRAEXIT where a majority of the current establishment from the east will play no part .

#Restructure this jungle now . Enough is Enough


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