Prerequisites to Restructuring and Renegotiating Nigeria. By Eze Eluchie,

Considering the growing acceptance of the Call for the Restructuring and Renegotiation of Nigeria and the fact that the Call is now being misinterpreted and misrepresented by persons who may obviate the true intents, it has become imperative to state in succinct terms, the imperatives of the Restructuring and Renegotiation in the Nigerian context.

Full fiscal federalism – Ownership Of resources residing in component units of the Federation will rest with such component units, with payment of agreed taxes to support the Federal Government.

Clarifying who and what a Nigerian means. Definition of a Nigerian. Entitlements based on Nationality and Residency over specific period and not ‘State of Origin’. The practice of Nigerians being discriminated against in Nigeria must cease.

Component units of the Federation shall be at liberty to determine local administration. Local Government Area administration, delineation and structures must be removed from the purview of the Federal Government and Federal Constitution.

Nigeria remains a secular state. Religion is strictly a private matter. Religious codes and dictates, which are not embodied in either the Criminal and or Penal codes operative in Nigeria, are not to be enforced by state authority.

Need for a proper Constitution for the Federal republic. In recognition of the fact that the document being paraded as the Constitution of Nigeria 1999 was fraudulently foisted on the polity and that the territory known as Nigeria is not sacrosanct, the component peoples of Nigeria will decide at a properly convoked assembly, on terms and nature of continued federation.

It must be realized that those who make efforts at the peaceful restructuring and renegotiation of

Nigeria impossible are responsible for the descent into violent and unchartered disintegration that is fast becoming inevitable.


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