The Igbos’ approach to politics is different, very different. They hate Political dynasties. Even when you serve them well and stay on the stage for too long, that becomes an offence of its own.

Every Politics is local, it’s a waste of time trying to build a Political dynasty amongst us. The greatest fear of a free minded Igbo is the fear of domination.

Do your bit and move on and let history place you. When you want to serve in an executive position, allow component political units to have a say in their various domains, that will reassure them that you are truly a partner.

Do otherwise, you will be met with the type of resistance that is unimaginable. One person maybe the official head, but no one person directs the Igbos for long.

It’s in us, even the British saw it. It’s therefore the duty of our politicians to fully understand this for their own good and peace of mind.


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