Sen. Hope Uzodinma was issued a query yesterday by the National Working Committee of our great Party, the PDP. In the query, Uzodinma was asked to explain why actions should not be taken against him for leading an internal rebellion against the party besides other anti party related activities.

In the light of this, the Save Imo Group (SIG) is of the opinion that the distinguished Senator should swallow his pride and respond to this query accordingly. He should be able to clear himself from all these allegations being leveled against him. It is no longer a hidden secret that Sen. Uzodinma started leading and funding a parallel state exco in Imo against the resolutions of both the NEC and the National Convention after his failed attempt with Sen. Modu Sheriff to destablise PDP at the National level.

It is this gross disregard and total disrespect to the decisions of the National convention, the highest decision making body of our dear party, which declared and pronounced Barr. Charles Ezekwem as the legitimately elected chairman of Imo PDP that triggered the decision of the SAVE IMO GROUP to come up with this piece and to request Sen. Hope Uzodinma not to waste further time in responding to the query served against him. Uzodinma should be advised to stop all his dirty tricks against PDP which has made it impossible for PDP to win successive governorship elections conducted in Imo state since after Gov. Udenwa.

Sen. Hope uzodinma has consistently worked against every PDP guber candidate in Imo state for his own selfish interest and reasons. This deal man Senator has broken every known and unknown records of political extortionism. A clinical finisher of some sort who spares no aspirant or candidate to the extent that he turns them into atm machines before and during the elections proper. Sen. Hope sails out his omuma ship to every nook and cranny of Imo political landscape where he picks all his victims aspiring into political offices. After the voyage, the stone hearted Senator, will always sail back right into the middle of the ocean and get the same ship capsized with all his victims fully drowned except himself who will always come out alive and successful.

Since 2011, Rochas Okorocha has been the direct beneficiary of Sen. Uzodinma’s dirty political exploits. Based on this, Okorocha was handed over the license and sole distributorship of Uzodinma’s political wares and mercantile.

This is evident to the fact that PDP has continued to loose guber elections in Orlu zone since 2011 till date including Sen. Uzodinma’s own LGA, Oru East while the same Senator continued to rig himself into the Senate in the same zone. What a political smart kid? It is obviously not in doubt that Sen. Uzodinma is struggling to control the soul of the party just for commercial purposes as he has always done in the past.

He believes that having Barr. Charles Ezekwem as the state chairman of the party, will derail his business interests and render his political rating useless and worthless in the eyes of his financiers, namely, Rochas Okorocha and some abuja based apc marketers.

In 2011, he was against the reelection bid of Gov. Ohakim. This same Senator tactfully supervised the total destruction of PDP in Orlu zone during Ohakim’s reelection bid, even his own LGA, Oru East was won by apc. But he went ahead to win his own Senatorial election in the same zone.

The same thing repeated itself in 2015. Out of 12 LGAs, PDP lost 11 including Sen. Uzodinma’s LGA. The only LGA won by PDP in that election was Nwangele. Chaiiiii, smart Senator.

How long will you continue to trade with the collective mandate of your people, just for money? We therefore, call on Sen. Hope Uzodinma to do justice to the query served against him. SAVE IMO GROUP (SIG).


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