For the second time in less than two weeks, the governors of the SS and SE met last sunday for another round of meetings to discuss devolution of power and proper restructuring of Nigeria. Since then, some feudal elements from the core Hausa/Fulani North have developed epilepsy of the heart.

They are so worried that one clown, Tukur Danmuazu, asked a silly question that clearly betrayed the warped mindset of the ordinary Hausa/Fulani oligarch… He asked why the SS people should give away one master (the north) to pick another master, the SE? He asked what the landlocked SE can offer to the SS, since the SS has oil.

To say, I was shocked was an understatement. It is becoming clearer by the day, how the feudal North view the SS people. They see them as servitude housewives and slaves, who are needed to guarantee them easy access to their oil wealth, while they lazy away and indolently indulge in uncontrolled procreation of over 10million kids that are out of school .


1. If you and your people continue to indulge in your silly and recalcitrant opposition to the restructuring of Nigeria to her 1963 Constitutional Federalism, it will surely break into pieces. It will break in this decade , not next one. Nothing on earth can stop this country from disintegrating if you guys continue to oppose her restructuring.

2. When it breaks, the SW will have their Oduduwa Republic , the SS will have their Niger Delta Republic and the SE will their own Igbo Progressive Nation, the NC will form their own Middle Belts Republic and the NW/NE can form their own Arewa Republic or merge with Chad or Niger Republic.

3. Since , you desire to know what the South East will offer the SS, now note the following; The South East has very deep sea ports within the Igbo heartland that are just 18 nautical miles from the Atlantic Ocean. Ndi Igbo are very entrepreneural . A very significant portion of the traffic/businesses you see today in the Lagos seaport and Airport are transacted by Ndi Igbo. An Airport or Sea Port is as strategic and important as in its utilization and their traffic that passes through it. The Independent Indigenous Igbo Nation, will have guaranteed international right of sea passage and mutual understanding/bilateral agreements with her neigbouring Niger Delta Nation for combined maritime partnerships.

The two nations will also partner to build the biggest Sub-Saharan Transhipment port in PH that will rake in billions of dollars from export and Import duties. PH and other Niger Delta cities will develop like Lagos and Ogun state from these sea and airport businesses that will be diverted to them. Kindly also note that from PH to Aba is just 30 minutes drive. It is 30 minutes drive from PH to Owerri and 1 hour 30minutes drive from PH to Asaba. It far closer to reach Cameroun, Gabon and other countries for Igbo traders/business men from PH sea or Airport than from Lagos. Just think about this. Meanwhile, under these new arrangements , the Niger Delta people will have 100% control of their crude oil and therefore the oil money is there’s and for them only, it will not be shared like its done now, where the Arewa boys like you will usually take the lion share of what is not yours. They will completely be incharge of there oil money, drive there development, prosperity, at there own time,pace and choosing. And for those of you, who are still ignorant of the natural endowements of Ala Igbo , kindly note that Imo ,Abia and Anambra are oil producing states. These three states have huge reserves of untapped gas and other condensates. Gas is the next biggest thing because it is green friendly. We have huge Limestone deposits, Lead, quarries and granites to drive our infrastructure rennainsance and other mineral resources. Enugu has the highest concentration of coal deposit in the world. May I also remind you that some developed countries still use this mineral resources for the generation of power/electricity. Our Enugu coal is of the purest nature, with low sulfur and is nearer to the surface, compared to that of South Africa.

4. Your poor assumptions that the SE has a landmass of only 70,000sqkm , hence, we will be choked up for land when Nigeria is finally dispersed as a result of the stubborness /resistance of your people to restructuring, show clearly how ignorant you are. The Igbo nation is over 60million population strong, but only a fraction of this large population reside in the SE. You also quickly forgot that despite the fact that Israel occupy just 20,000 sqkm swath of desert land in the middle east, there are over 200million Jews across the globe. Like the Jews, the greatest strength of Ndi Igbo is in our deep and extensive Intellectual and Human Capital. We have deep human capital across the world that is our greatest exports. Greater exports than crude oil. We have kinsmen, who are scattered across the world , that can bring in their deep technical and professional know how to develop our hinterland when push comes to shove. How many do you have? We are not all going to run back to the Igbo heartland if Nigeria breaks today, rather , we shall have own homeland to serve as launching pad towards our glorious obedience to our Chukwu Okike bi Ni Igwe command/divine blessing for us to prosper , be fruitful , expand dominate and subdue the earth. We shall also be liberated from the overbearing interferrence of the lovers of mediocrity from other climes, who collaborate with the few efulefus in our midst to foist on us the worst of leaderships as we have today in Igbo land. Come to Igbo land and see how vibrant and progressives our Umunna meetings are. The Umunna meetings are progressive in nature because we are usually shielded from the antics and control of efulefus. it is where we tell ourselves the truth without painting it. The Umunna meetings and its progressive deliberations represents a microcosym of the vibrant indomitable spirit of Ndi Igbo. There in the Umunna meetings we tell ourselves the truth without pandering to the Nigeria’s orchestrated and mediocre foisting political correctness.

Finally, and on a parting note… I want you to realise that the eyes of the rest of Nigerians have opened to your overbearing and thuggish attitudes.

Our mumu don do. It is either you guys accept total restructuring of Nigeria or we break this country into 5 different countries.

You and your people can threaten or rant as much as you like, but on these two options, one must happen and it must happen before 2020…

Nnaemeka Obiaraeri


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