It has become worrisomely worrisome and highly alarming over the rate at which some youths of our time has turned social media,especially Facebook,a war zone of intellectual display in an amateurishly manner,washing our dirty undies in public, publicly without a second thought of the aftermath of our actions and inactions in this cyberspace that has no hiding place nor does it keep secret to our moral and immoral display of knowledge and ignorance.

Some youths now derive joy in media mortal combat for whichever reason or reasons that is/are best known to them but we forget so easily that There Is Life Outside Facebook and social media at large, we forget that in the reality of life,there are more hopes to be kept alive as fate determines our destiny in our hands and the hands of our visible god (Human Beings) where God’s work comes through to reality. God blesses men through men and its not in doubt.

Our attitudes in the cyberspace invariably tells about 70% of our mindset and moral or immoral gravure. Don’t ask me the statistical yardstick. It may interest you to know that 80% of the youths in the cyberspace are lettered but below 40% displays maturity,sensibility, and morality in this platform. I am not against anyone’s diverse opinion or interest but we have to act responsibly and follow decorum irrespective of whose ox is gored. I have been accused of blackmailing, Malign, critics, etc, against some leaders and that has attracted all sorts of malicious insults and assaults against my person but i remained steadfast and focus against the wishes of the detractors. We always dwell in the spirit of defence mechanism to prove our innocency but in certain situations, ignoring certain accusations against one’s person does a better image reputation than swinging into a media war of futility that cause more harm than good.

I had once been accused by one APC sycophant of how my dad is of APC and I am of PDP, hence, I should not criticize the anti people oriented policies of APC government, simply because, my dad is in APC. Imagine human reasoning? I have discovered with dismay that some of our youths have failed to understand that life is highly dynamics. The way and manner things are today, may not be the same way tomorrow. For the fact that you worked with/for a particular person/firm today and issues that are bound to happen, happens, shouldn’t place you in the angle of revealing the secrets, issues encountered, weaknesses, etc of your former boss, firm, etc. It does not tell good of you and would likely work against your future opportunities and make some persons/firms to loose confidence in your spirit of faithfulness and secrecy thereby finding it difficult to entrust the key factors of the new firm to your knowledge.

Let me briefly, share this self stories: After my WASSCE ,while seeking for an admission into high institutions to study medicine and surgery then,I got myself engaged because I never wanted to be idle. I got a mini job as a supervisor in an outlet in Cotonou,called Kilimanjaro, where I worked for six months only and was promoted to the rank of a manager before I gained admission in Imo State Polytechnic to study Nutrition and Dietetics in 2010. When my Director, discovered that I will soon leave her firm owing to my admission, she started acting up and owed me 3 months salaries and never paid it till today. But I still relate in good fate with her and her children till date, especially, whenever I visit Cotonou. We still relate like boss and boy. Similar thing occurred during my one year industry training at Dabish Delish, and Stop Over Respectively. I kept to myself all that transpired just to keep the relationship going without sour taste.

In all, what matters in life is our ability to control our emotions when such ordeal arises against our interest. Creating enmity with your former firm/boss does more harm than good. If you can’t afford to create that vacuum of forgiveness and reconciliation, then do not create a space to use his/her weakness to mar him/her,just move ahead and turn deaf ears and blind eyes to all that has to do with him/her or the firm. So far,I have no pay master as i was once accused and I have also been accused of working for a man who doesn’t pay me.

I Love PDP undiluted, no one can pull me out of PDP for now. My love for the party is the reason behind the things I do for the party not for any individual’s interests nor for money. Yes,I have some party members that I also love as much as I love the party itself,hence,no one can change that fact or my love for my party. Our likes and dislikes can’t be the same but will must have to do whatever we do with conscience. Let’s not sale off our integrity,personality, conscience, and future for peanuts.

Let’s stop the youths attack on youths, we are one and should not be allowed to be used by our fathers to cause unnecessary damages over our future. Our opinions will never be the same but we shouldn’t attack ourselves over our opinions,let’s learn to distinguish our persons from our posts of opinion. Love One Another,

Love Is The Greatest. We Are The Leaders Of Today.


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