Okigwe PDP women endorse Egbukwu as party leader.

The People Democratic Party (PDP) women leaders from Okigwe Zone extraction have applauded the emergency of Chief Samuel Egbukwu as one of the party leaders in the zone.

The Okigwe PDP women leaders comprising the LGA and ward woman leaders gave this commendation during their courtesy visit to the State PDP Women Leader, Lady Maria Mbakwe at her office, 98 Okigwe road, Owerri on Monday.

They stated that going by the enormous financial assistance cum contributions of Egbukwu to the growth, development, sustenance and success of PDP particularly in Okigwe zone, he deserves the commendation and support of Okigwe PDP women and the state at large.

According to them, a person like Egbukwu popularly known as Damaco who has so far demonstrated genuine commitment, stewardship and passion to the wellbeing of the party and its members more especially the women should not only be embraced as a party leader but also be encouraged and supported to enable him do more.

Lady Maria Mbakwe, Imo State PDP Women Leader (6th left) in a group photograph with Okigwe Zone PDP LGA and ward women leaders shortly after their courtesy visit to her office at 98 Okigwe road, Owerri on Monday.

Some of the PDP LGA women leaders who spoke at the visit including Mrs. Christiana Egbogu, Ehime Mbano; Mrs. Charity Ahamefula, Obowo; Ezinne Uzoma Amaechi, Okigwe and Mrs. Josephine Nnaka, Isiala Mbano further enjoined others to join hands with Damaco in efforts to realize the goals cum aspirations of the party especially as it concerns reclaiming power in the state come 2019.

“At a time like this, we need all hands to be on deck. We need as many people as possible who have all it takes to move our party forward and to take us to Douglas House come 2019. “Now that Chief Damaco has come out to help us reach the promised land, we must commend him, embrace him as our leader and assure him of our collective support.

“We also pray God to sustain him in his goodwill for the party and hope that he always look the side of the party women because we really need every assistance to do our work particularly in areas of mobilizations and meetings at both the LGA and ward levels.” Mrs. Egbogu said.

“We thank God for the emergency of Chief Damaco as a leader in our party and we appeal to him to remain steadfast in his good intentions for the party.

“We are 100% committed to reclaiming Douglas House in the next election and we know that with Damaco and more people like him, we will achieve that.” Mrs. Ahamefula added.

In her response, Lady Maria Mbakwe thanked the Okigwe women leaders for their visit and commitment to the party adding that she will always be on the vanguard in embracing, encouraging and supporting any idea that will ensure the formidability and success of PDP in Okigwe Zone and state at large.

“I am so delighted with your visit today. I have heard your presentations on Chief Damaco and will communicate them to the state executives of the party. “Just like you all said, we, the party members especially us, the women must try to always appreciate and support our leaders. It is only by our support and prayers that they will be able to do more for the party.

“We need more of Chief Damaco not only in Okigwe zone but in Orlu and Owerri zones. As many of them that come out to lead the party and to contribute to our success, we are going to support and embrace them as our leaders. “Party affair is not one man show. So we must learn to accommodate one another and give our leaders every necessary support and cooperation to better the lots of the party.” Mbakwe said.

Present at the visit also include Mrs. Nkechi Uwazurike, Mrs. Ndidi Ajuluche, Mrs. Ngozi Ikekwe, Mrs. Ndidi Opara, Lolo Appolonia Elekwa, Mrs. Ugochi Ugo, Mrs. Joy Igwe, Mrs. Gladys Obunuma, Mrs. Patricia Uzosike, Lolo Nwaisika among many others.


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