The failings of south east governors and lack of synergy with their respective national assembly members is the bane of NDI IGBO. Federal roads in the south east are in deplorable conditions and the worst in Nigeria; this is the direct consequence of lack of Syngery between south east governors and their respective members of National assembly.

National assembly members of south east stock from 1999 till date must be held responsible for the deplorable conditions of federal roads in the south east for not ensuring that these roads are captured in the budget and actually repaired, maintained, reconstructed and or constructed.

Many of the South East members of the National Assembly are more of contractors and rogue contractors for that matter than being the LEGISLATORS/LAWMAKERS they ought to be . Worse still, some of them find their ways to the National assembly without being fit and proper for the job in the first place .

For over 18 years running, port Harcourt road/street in aba abia state, a federal road has been impassable,deplorable, dangerous and had closed down many hotels, filling stations,markets and other viable business concerns along the stretch of that road,without any attempt to fix it yet there are senators and members of house of reps from that senatorial district and federal constituency who had represented the senatorial districts and federal constituency from 1999 till date.

These set of senators and members of house of reps should bury their faces in shame and stoned by the people for allowing port Harcourt aba to detoriate so badly. If south east governors have been working together and synergising with their respective National assembly members in the ways and manners they ought to, irrespective of personal and party differences,federal roads in South east won’t be so messy.

Contractors are not helping matters as well. Paper and portfolio road contractors who do shady and low quality jobs are another set of rogues the people should go after. Many of these contractors don’t have equipment and the required manpower to deliver the road contracts they get according to specification. Many of these contractors are stooges and proxies of senators and house of reps members and rogue partners.

NDI IGBO must rise to the challenge of holding their governors,senators and house of reps members accountable especially national assembly members for the deplorable state of federal roads in South East! Ministers of south East stock are not left out.

Citizen reporting, activism and whistle blowing must be deployed with full gear in South East to save NDI IGBO from the shackles of rogue leaders and bad governance…

Our problems are caused by us!


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