Having observed and noticed with regret that most of our past and present political office holders have the gift of the garb unrivalled in the game of casting hopes of the populace in gold,while a negligible number show and exhibit little capacity of filliping the hopes and aspirations of the people. They are nothing more than what “Plato described as canals of looters, Machiavelli’s and epicureans, comfortable in debauchery as against service. It has been years of unprecedented ineptitude, deceit, poor representation and treasury looting, reducing imo to near failed state; after placing our implicit faith and trust on them; till this day, we are still faced with the greatest breach of faith ever.

Considerably, we need not turn our back to the past and our minds to the future ; for the past will always return to hunt us after all these years of failed hopes and aspirations, unless we first take steps to exorcize its ghost.

The time is now, the time to get ready, the time to make our choice, either to fight for our right by deciding and agreeing on those to govern us and thereby totally liberate ourselves from the clutches of deprivation and hopelessness.

I get worried, sick and pained seeing those strutting around today for one political office or the other come 2019 ; knowing that they are all political butterflies ; dead woods, charlatans and hawks, with the exception of very few, I mean very few ; they are now all eager to secure their cloaks of immunity and yet again to act true to type if circumstances change and replay their services in the course of perfidy of large scale looting and sadistic control and domination of the polity.

Consequently therefore, and in the exercise of our right of being mightily suspicious of them for their abysmal failures and betrayals, we have decided that instead of falling again to their deceit and treachery, we will now tar them heavily with the brush of infamy, smearing them and cloaking them in opprobrium so that they will continue to remain worthless in the eyes of Ndi-imo ; all through the adoption and application of civil revolution strategy, stopping them from holding further political positions ; from all former governors, senators, House of representative members, ministers,commissioners and state Assembly members from 1999 till date.

They have all failed, deceived, stolen our collective patrimony, impoverished and has come short of support and trust.

For me, this is not a hard and difficult choice and task to accomplish; all that is needed is determination, commitment and resoluteness. By this action, we can positively rediscover and recover imo and reactivate our collective destiny ; injecting enthusiasm into our discouraged and pathetically disillusioned people. We have started profiling and digging very deep into their very dirty, ignoble past,and the result is very encouraging and shall be released as events unfold.

It is only in imo people of devious personality are given the highest applause; it is here too,that agents of higher forces unleashes terror on their subjects, coercing them to submission. It is only here that those same wounded subjects rise to shower praises on their tormentors and oppressors wearing the garb of political leaders.

It is here that villains who are supposed to be chased out with horsewhip because of their infamy, suddenly become famous and god due the power of their loot while in office.

To them politics is a game in which balance and strategic relevance are attained by preaching the opposite of what one does. I strongly believe that by this action of denying them of our blind trust and sending them on sudden and compulsory retirement, helping and assisting them to escape the imminent and inevitable stain of odium that posterity intend to throw on their mothballed suits and civvies.

I maintain my stand, that we will be deceiving ourselves if we think that Okorocha will easily or cowardly yield power to the opposition without a serious fight,

Meaning that the only way and strategy to defeat him will be by the coming together of all the opposition political parties with one indented and unsoiled , and non controversial consensus candidate. The stroke here is that Okorocha knows all these regular politicians more than they know themselves, he has their dossiers, and some of them who had earlier compromised can not be able to find their bearing when it will matter most. Hence, we need a candidate that has not held any political positions before now ; a man without political baggage; a fresh clean technocrat, a new-bred, who must also have full knowledge of the word and game of politics of the populist bent and ideology.

A man evocative of visions, large ones, heady and intoxicating, and capable of involving practical men of contagious idealism that can evolve our own mega city, mega industries, infrastructures and mega health care facilities. A man whose arrival will alter the face of affairs; erasing past leaders ineptitude, deceit and imbecility. A man that have the capacity to be transformed as he transforms. A man who is pure, sacred and unsoiled by satanic stains. A man of integrity, knowledge, competence, charisma, depth, a common man of uncommon virtue; certainly not a greedy and self-centered.

A man who will script his great and heroic name into our permanent consciousness ; an event making man. Yes, imo is blessed abundantly with men and women of such pedigree, but forces of darkness continue to undermine their efforts,but now that we have exorcised those men of darkness, Imo will now breathe fresh air.


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