Nigeria is today a failed state. This metaphorical assertion is visible and amply audible in every nook and cranny of the country. You can see it glaringly on the faces of Nigerians, on our infrastructurally decayed streets, and on our socially devastated communities. The entire Nigeria subordinate states are politically polluted and economically

Electricity supply for industrial use and domestic necessities is presently a pervasive mythology; every household in Nigeria now provides electricity by themselves and for themselves only at critical moments of need.

Education of children in today’s Nigeria is in fact a nightmarish responsibility of jobless and cashless and hopeless parents. The general condition of Nigerians under this disastrous government is critically unbearable, yet Nigerian political leaders are billionaires in hard currencies.

Our health sector is not only comatose, but also completely non-functional. Our hospitals are now death preparatory sites in terribly dilapidated old edifices, that can best be defined as death traps.

The suitable adjectival clause to describe the present Nigerian federation ‘is the failed state’. Any other nomenclature used is simply a deceit, treachery, or ambiguous expression cynically applied to becloud the reality of a sorry situation.

What is more? The Nigerian heterogeneous population composition is at present multiply divided along ethnic directions with strongly noticeable hatred and intolerability. Never in history has this grand readiness for secession been this visible and coherent among Nigerians. Every region of this Lugardian contraption is vocalising in strong and unambiguous terms, their profound decisions to secede from this British ill-intended political creation of 1914.

Only the old Generals and their oligarchic cohorts, who stole Nigeria dry, and who are the vicious architect of Nigeria’s current political quagmire and economic death are satisfied with the present condition of the country. Only these few old people and their families are still clamoring for ONE NIGERIA. Only this corrupt gerontocrats wish we continue to live together as one political state. But this is to the detriment of millions of Nigerians, who bear the brunts of their callous political machinations.

No! We can’t continue with this irredeemable political damage!

The above position is the unanimous decision of young Nigerians, whose future appears horribly bleak from all directions. The young and future Nigerians from all political regions of the country have unequivocally demonstrated their astute willingness to force themselves out of this monstrous British cage under the murderous political control of the Hausa/Fulani jihadists.


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