Notice to the Secretary General of United Nations, Antonio Guteresse, over the Nigerian Military onslaught on The Igbos in south eastern Nigeria.

Distinguished United Nation’s Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, we the Igbos are very happy for this platform of interaction you have initiated between the UN and people of the world. Being first of its kind.

Sir, We are aware that part of the objectives of the UN is to promote global justice, peace and offer protection to the weak societies .

We are also aware that UN strives not only to secure peace in troubled regions of the world, but also to prevent crisis from occuring.

We are even more aware, that United Nations charter which Nigeria is signatory to, provides, permits and legalises the agitation of a people seeking for self determination, so long as the agitation is pursued in a non violent way.

Sir, my question is, why has United Nation decided to keep quiet over the self determination agitation by the Independent People of Biafra?

Sir, as I write, the Nigerian Army acting on the order of President Muhammadu Buhari President of Nigeria, has for over five days now, invaded the South Eastern Nigeria, intimidating , harassing, shooting and killing innocent people of Biafra, for no just cause.

Sir, the world including UN and other international communities are on notice that, for over four decades now, the Igbos of South Eatern Nigerian has been going about their agitation for self determination in a non violent approach.

Superlative Secretary, the world including UN, EU, ECOWAS, Amnesty International, AU, ECOMOG and other international communities are also on notice of the IPOB non violent call for a referendum, to afford them an ample opportunity to renogotiate their membership of the Nigerian nation.

Sir, am also quite sure that UN must have been taken aback following the recent declaration of IPOB as a terrorist organization by the Nigerian government.

Sir, does the activities of IPOB qualify the organization to be labeled a terrorist group, with reference to your charter, conventions and other statutory provisions of the United Nation?

What is your position on the declaration of IPOB as a terrorist organization by the Nigerian government?

Sir, we are aware that the world including the United Nations and other international communities have seen the videos in circulation on social media, where over 22 Igbos were suffocated to death in mud water.

Sir, EU has condemned the military invasion.

But, we are yet to get UN’s reaction to the mass killing of the Igbos by the Nigerian military troops.

My prayers are:

For the United Nations to urgently intervene in the ongoing genocide against the Igbos by the Nigerian government, and warn the Nigerian government to withdraw and desist from further military usurpation of the South Eastern Nigeria.

And finally, offer assistance and support and initiate the conduct of a referendum for the People of Biafra, to by ourselves, without compulsion, decide whether or not, to maintain membership of Nigerian nation.

With regards:

Fortune Akujuobi

Indigenous son of
Ihiagwa Autonomous Community,
Owerri West , Imo State,
South Eastern Nigeria.


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