How exactly do I describe someone who thinks taking out Nnamdi Kanu or permanently locking him away would put an end to the Biafran agitations?? I really don’t know but that’s a classical case of institutionalized ignorance!!

Nnamdi Kanu is certainly not the problem and killing him would achieve NOTHING other than spiking up the people’s anger leading to escalation of the crisis!! If you are still weaving your analysis around Kanu, biko go back to school!!

Biafra is an IDEA, A RELIGION and an OBSESSION deeply planted in the hearts of millions of people. Biafra is a seed planted by the nation state government and watered by the unrepentant injustice and unfairness of the state. The agitations are never going to end by sending out soldiers to intimidate the people and killing them! The ONLY “herbicide” that can successfully kill this sprouting tree is CONSTRUCTIVE ENGAGEMENTS, DIALOGUE and a deliberate effort to assuage the feelings of the agitators….

This is why I get greatly flummoxed seeing how the agitations continue to fester dangerously and needlessly. It’s purely stupid trying to kill an idea with a gun!! Who does that for God’s sake??!!! Who thinks killing Nnamdi Kanu means killing Biafra?? All that Nnamdi Kanu has done is just one: he TALKS AND MAKES THREATS.

If Nigeria doesn’t do the needful, the next “Nnamdi Kanu” would not just be talking!!! Once upon a time, the Niger/Delta agitations was all about pen and paper led by people like the Ken Saro Wiwas who simply talked and wrote but the state ignorantly felt killing them would end the agitations. How wrong they were because the next generation of agitators in the Niger/Delta didn’t come with pen but with sophisticated ammunition which caused and is still causing Nigeria massive seizures!!

We are threading that path again having learnt NOTHING!!! Who still has a functional brain should think!!! How the dumbest of Nigerians always manage to find their way to Aso Rock beats me!! Walahi!!


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