Food for thought.

Only gullible, uninformed and untrained onlookers would fail to realise that it was the south east governors, for fear of loss of relevance in the south east, that collectively instigated Buhari to come to their aid in dismantling and proscribing IPOB. How wrong they were, how badly they miscalculated.

IPOB or no IPOB, we must ensure that the south east governors, their cronies and acolytes, never ever scheme their way back into government come 2019. They must be schemed out of power, so that they and some of their predecessors can pay for their crimes against the citizens of south eastern Nigeria. We must ensure that they are brought to justice legally or extra legally.

We must ensure that never again would any elected governor in the south east easily fritter away and embezzle the federal and local government allocations and IGR of their states. It’s time to shift focus from so far unattainable restructuring calls and the federal government, and face our governors squarely and battle them to submission.

When we have successfully forced our governors to restructure governance and administration in our states, then we can shift focus to the federal government to restructure the federation. We cannot be chasing rats while our house is on fire.

Our governors are our immediate pressing problem. We must start our cleanup from the inside and then proceed outside.

Our governors are always quick to point us towards the federal government as the problem. We are not fools. Let’s tackle and battle our governors squarely and strip them naked on social media until we kick them out of office. It is doable if we are committed and enraged enough.



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