Reaction to the Presidents Speech at the UN General Assembly. September 2017

The President’s Speech delivered at the United Nations General Assembly on Sept 2017, towed the same tone as the previous ones he delivered. Very mundane and vague lacking in substance.

But the most consistent observation of his speeches is the irony and contradictions of what he appeals to the UN body and what he does at home as a President.

It is so hypocritical as it is embarrassing that you’ll ask of rhe global body what you have vowed and vehemently refused to even discuss at home.
The President has used the two key words he rejected at home to appeal to UN for action. The first is; Self determination, and the second is; Restructuring. Two words that give him xold sweats and keeps awake at night.

The President pleaded with the UN in his previous address to grant freedom to the people of Palestine and the Western Sahara , as it is the inalienable right of the people to seek for self determination, the President’s own words. He even reiterated that as he urged them to see it done in our life time.
This time around, in the most recent speech he begged the UN to consider restructuring the global body to better function and meet the current global challenges, yet again, the President that refused to even countenance such in Nigeria pleaded.

These are some of the blatant hypocrisy and shameless double standards that make some people’s blood run hot. We have so many of it in this administration. It is just in your face, So what kind of attitude we are seeing at every level and actions of PMB administration.

How long this will hold ? I have no idea, but history and benefit of hindsight inform me that this type of impunity is not sustainable for long in the prevailing contemporary world.

These people seem to really think that we never evolved as a people. They believe that we are in a cocoon hence we rely or wait for their spin and propaganda. The same lies and deception is what they’ve taken to the global forum.
Reading the speech delivered in the UN and considering the previous ones by PMB, one thing becomes clear, and that is that the President is not oblivious of what restructuring is and the conditions that makes it absolutely necessary.

He equally and explicitly understood the inalienable right of people to agitate for self determination as he lend his support to the People of Western Sahara and Palestine in his previous appearance at the previous UNGA. But he vehemently opposed it and even refused to discuss it in blatant arrogant display, instead he rolled his thanks and other killing machines into the civilian public space on an attempt to crush such rising voices of agitations he has openly championed for the people of Palestine and the Western Sahara.

So What we have here is simply a gunboat diplomacy. The gun and firing power is the key. Might makes you right. It is like a whole new political inquisition. Do you believe in One indivisible Nigeria as currently constituted; YES or NO!, no rationalization, or anything other than yes! earns you the full force of the Federal might. That’s where we are, that’s where we find ourselves today.

This is why the military was systematically Northernized. Making Fulani and Hausa Languages the official languages of the military operations so to speak, and even law enforcement in some instances.

Yet, so many citizens in their ignorance are gleefully gloating and making uncharitable utterances about what is playing out. They inadvertently, but gradually, and surely ceding more powers to the already over powerful federal government at the detriment of the people, all in the code Name of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB.

Never minding that what ever the issue with Nnamdi Kanu has its roots in the leadership failure across this land, especially the South East geopolitical zone., Where some of the Governors rule their state like a conquered and acquired territory. They have basically destroyed all other institutions of governance as their words are now an edict and law. Never minding that whatever Nnamdi Kanu case maybe , it is still within the jurisdiction of other enforcement arms designed to deal with the civilian public space. But, instead what we have is a war like show of force by Predominantly Northern soldiers who believed that the South had remained relatively calm as most of the foreign embassies regularly issued travel Ban on most of the volatile Northern states for their citizens.

They came down South and deliberately upset the peace by replicating what’s going on in the North and orchestrating stage managed crises.

But the Southern Brethren seem so bamboozled and brain washed to read in between the lines.
If anyone can get hold of the unadulterated report of embassies to their home offices before and after the unleashing of the python, and the proposed dance of other wilde beast in other Southern States, they may notice that the language must have changed. The Southern states may now come up in the radar of the flash points that may be avoided by the foreign nationals.

This, simply has inevitable consequences and chilling effect on investors confidence in the Southern states. These are some the things most people obsessed with Nnamdi Kanu and atimes unwarranted Igbo hate have failed to see when they gloat at what’s currently playing out.

Hopefully, they may wake up one day, hopefully not too late to smell the coffee.

Chris O.Maduka


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