LONDON: The so called “terrorist group IPOB” applied to protest in London. They were granted permission and they matched the streets of London in their numbers. Those were not onitsha and Aba traders, neither were they some random hustlers in London. Some of them are lecturers in Universities and staff of blue chip corporations.

NEW YORK: The same terrorists applied to protest at UN headquarters in New York. A Pro Nigeria group also applied for counter protest. The terrorist IPOB were granted permission to protest while the pro Nigeria group were denied. IPOB danced and told the world their mind in their usual peaceful mannar.

If you carry Tanks and Rifle to intimidate IPOB Nigeria into going underground. Would you also send the pythons to US , UK, Australia, Germany etc to dance for thousands of IPOB over there?

Listen folks, beyond Nnamdi Kanu rhetorics, a lot of igbo’s hold serious disdain for this country called Nigeria. Many of them were told how their parents sailed ships for months to diaspora, worked as a security guards at burial grounds and as mortuary attendants just because their own country ..Nigeria.. ostrasized them after the war. Their children are now Ivy league graduates and successful men and women in their fields of endeavor. Many of them are direct or indirect victims of several injustices which they experienced just for being IGBO.

Some other igbo’s have told their wards how they finished studying in best universities in the world, returned home and joined the civil service to contribute to nation building, and when it was time for them to become directors or hold key positions in their ministries and agencies, Mediocres was raised from the dead to head them with an order from above. And how In frustration, they left Nigeria to settle in the diaspora… with the full experience of what Nigeria had done to them …for being Igbo.

The Igbo’s in the Niger delta, basically hide away from being “South east Igbo’s” because they know the consequences. It means they would have to miss out of certain privilages. These are facts. Some Igbos basically have to lick the ass of one alhaji or the other to climb to the top in the 70’s, 80’s , 90’s and to some extent till date. It becomes mandatory to make an Alhaji a board member of your registered company if you must succeed around government circles.

Furthermore, most, if not all communities in the south east have lost a son or daughter to crisis in the North. From the Jos crisis, to the Kano and Kaduna crises, thousands were killed and their killers known but none were arrested, no questions, no enquiry. The Nigeria government only begs ” all sides to sue for peace. meanwhile, one side was only doing their business while the other side was slaughtering them over issues of religion or politics that did not concern them.

I was in Jos to witness it first hand in 2001. I had post traumatic disorder afterwards. I vividly remember a Yoruba family friend telling my uncle that they were not running home… bcos the hausa’s are killing only the IGBO’s. My uncle, then a millioniare, now sells food in Aba after losing all he had worked for. His life was never the same.

Killing the Igbo’s in nigeria was becoming something of a sporting event. Southeast leaders were mute, as they always prioritize their political alliance over the life of their citizens. They are our number one enermy. The Nigerian political system have made it impossible for us to chose credible leaders. Hence, abuja will rig in a moron, who would annoint terrible traditional leaders.

Children were made orphans, wives made widows and husbands widowers. Villages mourned. millionaires were rendered penilless. Yet no apology, no inquiry and no one has ever been held accountable.

Igbo’s were not accommodated by anybody in Nigeria. They just fearlessly forced their way into villages and cities, knowing they must take risks since their kinsmen do not sympathize with laziness. All igbo men must seek success even right into the lions den if that’s what it takes.

After every killing or eviction, Igbo’s re-mobilize and return to the same place where their brothers and sisters were slain. Eye on the prize..TO EARN A LIVING.

I beg to be corrected, but apart from the distruction of Niger delta communities through “oil exploitation”. Neither the North nor the west can claimed to have had an ” Igbo experience”.

The sons and daughters, brothers and sisters and relative of many who have suffered terrible injustice or loss of life ARE AGITATING FOR BIAFRA ALONG WITH THEIR SYMPATHIZERS. Landlocked or not, this group will take a chance in a landlocked country where they can attempt to seek a new adventure than remain in a nigeria that has refused to function and has continually spilled their blood.

Mobilizing military agianst the Biafran ideology will only remind those who are sitting on the fence to join the IPOB. It will remind them why the IPOB movement was born in the first place. IPOB know that their support and funding comes from their members in the diaspora, who would not tolorate any violent agitation, hence, IPOB has no intention to go militant. Any violence attributed to IPOB can never be proven to have been organized by the organization. It was even a miracle that they mobilized thousands of youth without stories of the dead and looting. During 2012 subsidy protest, people died, shops were looted.

The way forward is to treat the cause as against attacking the symptom with pythons. Without the acidic rhetorics employed by kanu, All southerners and even some northeners would have joined IPOB movement except those benefiting from the prevailing current anomally. Reason being that, the IPOB agitation made the restructuring debate the major national discourse, and only an IPOB or IPOB like Agitation can ensure that restructuring happens in our lifetime.

I do not wish war or division, However, we need a serious peaceful agitation for seccession to continue until restructuring is achieved. If after a long while, it becomes crystal clear that restructuring is impossible, we can as well apply the trottle and seccede since we all deserve to test our luck in a Biafra, an Arewa and an Oduduwa nation than continuing with the status quo. Such peaceful seperation should not end our friendship.

By the way, it is not love that holds this country together. it is crude oil. Let crude oil dry today, president Buhari will lead Northern delegation to UN to register Arewa nation within 24 hours. Biafran war was all about crude oil. The political establishment fears restructuring because of crude oil. So the factor of brotherliness and love has never been considered in our national history. Nnamdi kanu is only one bold enough to speak his mind. Most of us are still nursing our wounds secretly and pretending to be holier than thou. It will do us a lot of good to quit the hypocritical life and purge ourselves the hatred that has made us so vunerable to tribal and religious political manipulations.

It took me years of travel and education to understand why such hate will do me no Good. A Fulani guy has since become my best pal and confidant while a yoruba boy has become my adopted younger brother. Yet, they know I am passionately igbo and unapologetically Igbotic. I did not plan it, it just happened and I love my ideology of free world for all man.

In whatever choice we chose to make, we must avoid any form violence at all cost.

At the end of the day, I wish for a United Nigeria under a structure that will deliver us from backwardness.

Author unknown

Source WhatsApp.


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