How Ndi-Igbo can move on with Zik’s doctrine of indivisibility of Nigeria.

“Nnamdi Azikiwe was not only the most powerful, and most emblematic figure of Nigerian nationalism, but that Nigeria’s failure stems largely from its promotion of the alternative politics of his political opponents, over Zik’s nationalist ideology.” Obi Nwakanma.

– One Nigeria is not Northern, but Zikist Igbo ideology.

– Igbo greatest gift for the preservation of Nigeria must include vigorous articulation of self-determination of Regions within One indivisible Nigeria.

In the year 2002, this writer published a detailed revelation concerning Nigeria’s future. (Listen Nigeria! A revelation for the future!) Most of the topics raised in the revelation have come to pass, namely; the restive mood in the South East against neglect and marginalization; the emergence of Nnamdi Kanu as a voice and leader of his oppressed people; the sympathy of all Nigerians towards their cause and FG handling of same; the attempt to proscribe IPOB is revealing the fear of a ruling class to loosing the very cement of the nation; and the rest as revealed in 2002, is on the front burner of our national discuss right now. Praise God.

This is why I am prompted to follow up, as to point to a Godly new direction for the healing of our peoples.
This will work for good for Igbo if.

The Igbo are called people for the good of Nigeria. But the Igbo have not always received their due in place and position. “The East of Nigeria was grossly vexed in my vision, and spoke aloud of neglect, rejection and mockery by the rest of their brothers.”

It is important for Igbo to know that one Nigeria is not Gowon’s doctrine, not even Northern nor South-western idea, it was a real Zikist ideology. In my dream of the future (2002) I saw clearly that God is restoring the Zikist Nigeria, which is in reality an Igbo heritage. I see the Ohanaeze leadership of today as a gift to Ndi Igbo and to Nigeria as well. Chief Nwodo’s statement that “Ndigbo are not interested in secession but equity and fairness from leaders of the country.” points to great Igbo leadership ready to serve and save Nigeria.

Secession or Restructure? Igbo has made its choice by the Ohanaeze statement;
“The East of Nigeria was grossly vexed in my vision, and spoke aloud of neglect, rejection and mockery by the rest of their brothers. And decided to look for own leader and own state… Suddenly I saw a ‘Zik’ who appeared and spoke well on the issues concerning the people.

With words and deeds he appeared to have really comforted the people… As I was still watching, the people as it were, from all parts of Nigeria rose up in the same voice with the east and called on ‘NNAMDI AZIKIWE’ TO LEAD THE WHOLE NATION INSTEAD. Such magnanimity and agreement had never been in Nigeria since the civil war. Wounds were healed! Glory to God! At this all rejoiced together and said it was the Lord’s doing. The calm and peace that followed was extra-ordinary. Peace at last! All people were together amazed.” (Revealed 2002)

So Igbo is not seceding, we have heard from the Igbo Chieftain Dr. John Nwodo, but Igbo wants its place, position and portion. Igbo wants a fair deal. Igbo wants what is good for the goose to be good for the gander. The restoration of the tripod nature and body of Nigeria!

The Bridge Builder, New Servant Leader;

Leaders with Zik’s ideology of friendship and dialogue will bring leadership and peace to the East and to Nigeria as a whole. But there will be an Igbo servant leader in the political order of Nnamdi Azikiwe who will be accepted by the East, North, West and South. This will mark the rising of the beautiful new Nigeria.

Igbo’s greatest gift for modern Nigeria must include a vigorous articulation of self-determination of Regions within One indivisible Nigeria. This is the only option to live together but grow at their respective pace without the burden of yoking together as a bundle.

Peace be multiplied.

By Daniel Michael Enyeribe PhD.


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