It’s again looking like a very odious trance

Upon Southeast turf now reigns operation python dance

The unfolding military actions is reeking with ominous nuance

You wonder the wisdom in subjecting the entire region to snake romance

On unarmed civil dissenters they have chosen to pounce

Only the unwary doubts it’s a decoy beyond mere IPOB trounce

The operation seems designed to subdue and trounce

It sometimes looks like it’s a test of a whole region’s endurance

Everything drips of systematic loathing and arrogance

Beyond utterances not much is being done to give southeasterners assurance

It’s rather a sequential dispensation of dense nonchalance

For daring to dissent southeast must now undergo penance

A whole region ought not to be treated with blatant askance

A discerning eye will appreciate the the impunity with a glance

It’s asphyxiating when you’re made to feel you’re only fit for riddance

Violent repression has an uncanny way fuelling resistance

Force and coercion have their way of amplifying recalcitrance

The dance of the python has no constructive relevance

In seeking benefiscience you should not peddle malfeasance

Steps should be taken to douse this demonstration of repugnance

Our needed unity such a divisive show can hardly advance

People are longing and hunkering to sniff equity and justice fragrance

In place of subjugation should have been accommodative tolerance

Everyone has a duty to lessen these rhetorics of dissonance

Structural adjustment is indicated to address the perception of imbalance

All stakeholders ought to be responsible and responsive to appropriate this restorative chance

Or else a time might come when the commonest need will be that of ambulance

The message is that the southeasterners deserve more that socioeconomic pittance

Rather than vilify others it should invest in forging ideological alliance

Let pre-attainment unity be a foretaste of her eventual performance

In everything it must be remembered that there’s no sustainable fortune without forbearance

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