If the whole matter was as straightforward as winning the War of Wits and Dialectics with El-Rufai, his “North”, APC or even the wider Status Quo (forces which include some Igbo elements), I would, as the Americans do, say, Let’s Roll, but things are a lot more complicated than that.

Whether anyone here sees/believes it or not, the contest for the soul of Nigeria clearly goes deeper than the “Restructuring” debate being dubiously erected afresh by the so-called North as represented by characters like El-Rufai, and his rogue-APC, is a huge ruse, distraction and diversion, designed to buy time for the North for a more strategic but not-easy-to-see purpose.

What is play is a Sovereignty dispute, disguised as a casual Nation-Building altercation, to hoodwink the uninitiated.

The Victor will be the side, between the Caliphate North and the rest of Nigeria, whose definition of Nigeria by way of a Constitutional Order, will ultimately prevail.

The Cailphate-North imposed the current Master-Servant definition of Nigeria by way of the fraudulent 1999 Constitution. The rest of Nigeria shouting “Restructuring, Restructuring” to a deaf Caliphate North, is struggling to get a more equitable definition of that Nigeria.

The younger generation in Eastern Nigeria, frustrated by the prevarications and ambivalence of their older generation who seem totally stuck in January 1970, plunged into the fray with the totally uncharted Biafra-or-Death Agitation, raising the tempo from the MASSOB more benign Agitation.

There is however, the Lower Niger Congress (LNC) and its Movement for New Nigeria (MNN) Partners which designed and deployed a Structured, knowlege-based, decisive intervention which targets the demise of the fraudulent 1999 Constitution (terminating the One-Nigeria it foists on all), and the simultaneous emergence of successor-Constitutions (birthing new Independent State Units, which may as, willing compatible contiguities, forge fresh Protocols. The Prospective Lower Niger Federation is one such Unit. The Yoruba Contiguity is anorher).

The chokehold currently imposed on that Caliphate-imposed definition of Nigeria, by the LNC and its MNN Partners, translates to the sure demise for that Caliphate-wrought Master-Servant Title
Deed (Constitution 1999) by which the El-Rufai’s Caliphate-North owns and Controls the whole of Nigeria.

What the North is doing currently, is to buy for itself, enough time, to drag the rest of Nigeria to the 2019 Elections with the 1999 Constitution still Intact because they already have in their hands an absolute, force-backed and unchallengeable control of the Electoral Machinery and Infrastructure (INEC, Police, Army and the general facility afforded by incumbency, local and International). It is plain folly to be discussing “Elections” with this determined Occupation Army now on a Southward rampage.

Their Strategy for achieving that goal is the shenanigans we now see, where the APC sets up a Committee to fashion a new meaning to “Restructuring” and gallivanting all over the place including Chatham House in the search for the meaning of Restructuring. They even advertised a Pubic Hearing and the untrained eyes of Southern Nigeria are already warming up to go and Lecture APC and the North, what Restructuring means. Pity. Great Pity for the untrained eyes that ThinkTank for millions of untrained minds.

Once the North achieves that goal of dragging us to the next Elections in 2019 under the 1999 Constitution, the East and the rest of the Southern Nigeria, have lost out in the aforesaid Sovereignty Dispute woefully and the implication is that the Caliphate which was aided by Britain to prevail in 1960, which prevailed in 1967-1970 by the help of Britain and its friends, which then imposed the Victory Charter called the 1979 Constitution, transmogrified 20 years later by the same Caliphate into the current 1999 Constitution, will once again, triumph and who knows what further aggravation of Unitarianism we will get.

Master-Servant Nigeria shall therefore remain as defined by the Caliphate for decades to come, just as it been since July 1966. The blood sacrifices required to propitiate the Caliphate gods of One-Nigeria will be extracted and delivered on Schedule from the Eastern Reservoirs, whether by Snakes or Crocodiles.

Jerome has deconstructed for us, the Chatham House prank of El-Rufai and his Sponsors. I have drawn the curtain to give us a glimpse of the bigger picture within which that prank is being played.

Those here who specialize in arguing with unexamined phenomena can go ahead to argue instead of the examination and interrogation demanded by the situation, but let us be all assured that decisive unilateral actions will proceed while these unhelpful online debates rage.

Let Pythons Dance and Gyrate as vigorously as they please. Let Crocodiles Smile and laugh as broadly and as rancorously as they desire but the first casualty in all that is One-Nigeria. That is a Covenant. The dead bodies being counted in the East are collateral damages imposed on us by the indiscretion of the Biafra-or-Death Franchise Proprietors. It changes nothing.

Tony Nnadi.
September 22, 2017


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