A former Head of State, now President once said that “An Attack on Boko Haram was a war against the North”. And here was a Boko Haram that did not just make threats, but took to the guns, IPDs, APGs AAGs, rocket missiles, shot down our Jet Fighters, raised flags and even killed the civilian populations in their numbers..

– And you know what? 80% of northerners, even the Christians the Boko Haram were killing joined force to make sure Jonathan was removed to save them from the military occupation. In Kaduna, a lady working with us in the elections told me she was confused on who to vote for, because her pastor told them in Church that Jonathan had declared a war on Northerners. This was not just her Pastor, but a better half of the pastors in the north. She and her pastors were first Northerners before being a Christian…


But here in the south, we too go school sotey we go help satan kill our sturborn brother for us.

After IPOB, who will it be? Nnamdi Kanu may be recalcitrant, insensitive to our social realities, unruly, appear to be self-vindictive, insulting to our elders, annoying to most of us in the same struggle. He might be a liability, a set back and an unnecessary distraction even though his baggages may also have given publicity to the cause, be it famous or infamous and many other names of description we may choose to call his style; but one thing is certain, what has befallen the peoples of Aba today, if not challenged or stood against may befall my people in Ikot Ekpene tomorrow when we are also pushed to a point where we can’t keep to our civility again. What has happened to the Biafra cause may also happen to the cause of the Oduduwa people when they believe the cup of the oligarchy is filled.

What has happened to Aba today may happen in Lagos where we all seek our daily bread in one way or another. What has happened today in Aba, going by General Buhari and General Buritai’s antecedents may soon happen in Port Harcourt, Enugu, Benin or even Ado Ekiti and the south as a whole; while we the southerners continue to look for justifications for these barbaric attacks.

If the Military did not intend to declare a war against the south, they would have simply asked the Court that granted Nnamdi Kanu bail to issue a warrant of arrest if they believe he has committed an offence. They could even have asked the Inspector General of Police to Invite Nnamdi Kanu to Abuja since I learnt Kanu was planning to do so with 2 million of his followers. They could have exhausted all democratic and legal measures to invite or arrest and try him in a court.

Deploying the military into a civil community only means one thing; “The second step in the rules of engagement in a process to overtake an area, city or state for subsequent justification to declare a state of emergency. In effect, it is a process to occupy a territory constitutionally proven to be an enemy of the Nation State.

One thing we should all know is that, the military don’t just move out of places they move in. There is always a deceptive withdrawal program that even when they say it is for one month, usually takes more than 2 years. And the military has the tendencies to expand its territories to be seen as active. (Even in the developed world) Please don’t justify the occupation of Aba by the military; they may soon extend to your safe enclave.

Note that the video you saw was recorded by a soldier with a conscience that was touched; there are several you will never see. There are plenty of these barbaric suppressions that have happened that the soldiers were more cautious. If you understand the military, you will know that ‘atrocities’ is synonymous with its operations. Don’t rejoice over the fate of IPOB, think of yourselves if you know that Buhari, his military and religion see you as inferiors, less human and as far as they are concern, you are possibly occupying spaces that would be beneficial for his cows. Don’t rejoice, rather be sober.

If the north saw the attack on Boko Haram as a war against the north, and you see the attack on IPOB as a war only on IPOB, then you have more to learn about Buhari, the cult called ‘the North’ and Islam.


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