Food for thought.

President Muhammadu Buhari is not innocent as people make him. They say he may not be as corrupt and flamboyant as the other presidents but he never spent many years in power as the others until now and we are beginning to see it as it is now that he has spent more than two years in office. His ardent supporters almost always try to shift the blame to others exonerating him from all responsibilities when he is responsible for everything. As a president you are responsible for the running of the nation.

This whole NNPC scandal exposed by Ibe Kachikwu shows clearly that this nation hasn’t found the messiah yet. Hiding behind anti-corruption charade crusade, a lot of people who voted for Mr. President are now getting disenchanted.

If this scandal was the ‘senate’, PMB supporters would have blown it out of proportion. If it were the judiciary they would have pronounced them ‘guilty’ without asking questions. And yet the GMD of the NNPC awarded contracts worth more than $27 billion without following the appropriate channels, what Nigeria refer to as DUE PROCESS, and some people are defending this. How stupid can you be?

When in NIGERIA, the Nigeria that I know, politicians award contracts without DUE PROCESS, it is deliberate. It has nothing to do with quarrel between Kachikwu and Baru. That’s why Kachikwu deliberately inserted that part in his letter to tell Nigerians that corruption is going on in the NNPC and that’s why that letter was exposed to the public incase the president look the other way.

We should not relegate this matter to rivalry between Kachikwu and Baru. Which companies benefitted from these contracts. Who and who own or have shares in these companies? With Halliburton still fresh on our minds, we know how Nigerian big men can collaborate to rip off Nigeria.

I don’t trust anybody, not even Baba Buhari, yes, the president. “A broom immersed in oil cannot sweep clean,” Sen. Shehu Sani said yesterday on this.

NIGERIANS should be calling for an independent investigation and how much does PMB know?

George Onmonya Daniel


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