Re: 2023 Reckons: Will Igbos Play The Real Politics This Time ? By Joe Igbokwe.

It’s painful that Joe Igbokwe has continued to use his intellectual gift negatively against his compatriots. Even when he reluctantly pretends to advise them, he turns it upside down or he dishes out an opinion that is against history and completely false.

I want Mr Igbokwe to note that Igbos have always played good politics in Nigeria right from the beginning and they are still doing very well. The last two years of the current administration which has appeared very hostile and deliberately sidelining of Ndigbo can never be a referendum of Igbo performance in Nigeria politics.

No ethnic president has ever been elected in Nigeria as president neither has any ethnic group installed a president on their own. Our current president tried severally without success and announced retirement but for the intervention of the likes of Tinubu, Obasanjo, Amaechi et al,.

Obasanjo was brought out of prison and imposed on PDP by IBB, Atiku , Anennih etc. Obasanjo also installed Yaradua and Jonathan. This has been the trend in Nigeria politics. Ours will not be an exception.

No right thinking person will accuse the igbos of not doing well politically. In the area of presidential materials, the igbo possess about the best materials with track records of performance. It is left to the political power cabal to beam their search light towards the Igbo and pick whoever they want. The choice rests squarely on them as he will be expected to protect their selfish interest.

Joe Igbokwe should start convincing his pay masters to choose him as he has the capacity to do damage even to his family.

The fear of Joe Igbokwe regarding IPOB is completely misplaced. Other tribes or zones have done worse than what IPOB an unarmed agitating organisation is doing.

For example, Obasanjos emmergence in 1999 was a direct consequence of the activities of NADECO and OPC which brought the nation to a standstill and made the military government of IBB, Abacha and Abdulsalam ungovernable. All these were the result of the annulment of the June 12th presidential election which chief Abiola won. It was a democratic struggle and the whole nation conceded to the South West to produce the president.

Likewise the South South which brought down the economy of the country when they sought to control the resources in their zone. The nation conceded the presidency to them. Jonathan was never the choice of the South South.

As has now been revealed, Boko haram was created to seize power back to the North. And it’s on record that the havoc they created is unimaginable and still counting. The IPOB struggle is a direct consequence of the official marginalization of the South East zone by successive governments. It’s made worse by offensive statements and actions of the current regime to deliberately exclude the South East from enjoying the benefits of government. Facts abound to support this claim.

What I have tried to explain is the fact that the trend has been the same. No ethnic group has ever installed a president on their own without the collaboration of others. What the nation must accept is the fact that igbos have sacrificed enough to be trusted to produce a president of Igbo extraction. No zone or tribe has contributed more to Nigerian unity than the igbos.

The truth which is self evident is that the nation must rise up to address the Igbo question. It’s overdue and this is the reason why the nation may not move forward. No zone or tribe has played better politics than the other. How they have used such opportunities is neither here nor there. Has any zone used it well ? The answer is no. We are where we are because we have all failed.

Let me also inform the likes of Joe Igbokwe that it’s not a matter of controlling the ruling party for Ndigbo to be given the presidency. When obasanjo was made president, the entire South West was in Alliance for Democracy(AD) and obasanjo did not even win his ward. The Military PDP cabal simply took him from prison and made him president. It’s doable anyhow you look at it. It has happened before and ours cannot be an exception.

By the way I’m just setting the records straight.

Nze Elvis Agukwe

Analyst and consultant.


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