The biggest lie we’ve told ourselves as a people is that colonialism ended in Nigeria in 1960. Nothing can be further from the truth than this. Colonialism never ended as far as this country is concerned. It only got repackaged in a coded but deadlier form and the baton passed from external colonial masters to the Internal ones. The major difference being that the internal colonial masters are now running the country like a jungle, not even a Zoo.

What happened in 1960 was the official hand over of the colonial staff to the Hausa/Fulanis to continue from where the British slavers stopped. Down south, we have never been really free as a people in the real sense of the word. All we ever had was an illusion of freedom.

Let me cut to the chess and give you few instances that will convince you beyond every reasonable doubts.

Few months ago, a 13 year old girl known as Ese Oruru from Bayelsa state was abducted by a man known as Mr Yinusa a.k.a Yellow who hails from kano. This Yinusa man took his victim, the 13 year old girl all the way from Bayelsa to Kano and kept this girl at the palace of a whole Emir of Kano, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. This girl child was brainwashed and made to convert to Islam and repeatedly raped by this Yinusa guy until she became pregnant. But this is not even the issue. The real tragedy here is that a whole no1 law enforcement officer of the country, the then police Inspector General had always known about the abduction of this innocent girl as well as the identities and the whereabout of both the victim and the perpetrator for over 7 months but refused to intervene because he was afraid of ‘offending’ the colonial masters in the North. This police I.G publicly told the whole country that he could not rescue the girl from the palace of the Emir of Kano without the help of the Emir.

Wait, let me take it again: Our no1 police officer told us all that he could not rescue an innocent minor from her abductor without the help of a traditional ruler in whose palace both the perpetrator and the victim were being sheltered. It later took a #hashtag campaign by Nigerians on social media as well as a combined effort by Punch newspaper and AIT to force the police to rescue the Ese Oruru girl after she had been impregnated by her abductor, the Yinusa man.

As I type this, the #Ese girl is nursing a child from that despicable event while the Yinusa man was celebrated as a hero after being flown home in a private jet straight from his court hearing in Bayelsa.

Think about this for a moment and tell me what you think would have happened if an Emeka from Anambra state had kidnapped a 13 year old Aisha from Kano and taken her to the palace of Igwe Nnaemeka Achebe, the Obi of Onitsha.

Don’t forget, a 13 year old girl is a minor who by law is considered not fully mature to make an informed decision even about her own life. So even the consent of a minor is considered as ‘no consent’ in law.

The second instance; the case of the Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram:

Everyone knows that the Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsmen have since been declared the deadliest and the 4th deadliest terror groups in the whole world respectively by the Global Terrorism Index. These two groups are responsible for the death of thousands of Nigerians and displacement of millions. These two terror groups are from the North, thesame region as the internal colonial masters.

How has the government of Mohammadu Buhari been treating these two terrorist groups?

He has since offered a juicy amnesty package to Boko Haram. Over one thousand fighters from the group are currently being fed, clothed and sheltered by the government even as I type this. The government claims those fighters have “repented”. Ask yourself, how does a terrorist fighting an ideology-based war repent? Mind you, the group has not yet declared a ceasefire neither have they released the Chibokgirls. They kill and maim soldiers and civilians and when they get hit by economic recession, they just come forward and ‘fiam!’, all their sins are forgiven. And off they go to get rehabilitated by the govt with our common wealth.

The Fulani herdsmen kill and maim farmers and come out to justify the heinous crime with the idiotic excuse that they have been pushed to the wall. Remember the Agatu massacre where they told that Cow-friendly police I.G in a town hall meeting that they massacred the Agatus to avenge their cows? Remember how they visited the Defense HQtrs with one Senator Alkali and told our Defense chief that they are actually responsible for the killings attributed to them because they have been “pushed to the wall”? Please feel free to Google all these to confirm the information for yourselves.

Today, the Fulani have one billion naira comfortably sitting in the 2016 budget for their cattle grazing business. The govt is planning on importing foreign grass for their cows. As I type this, they have a 1000 strong military taskforce protecting them and their cows. President Buhari donned a military fatigue for the first time in 3 decades to inaugurate this taskforce a day after these Fulani herdsmen killed 81 people in Benue. Don’t take my word for it, though. Please Google it.

The fulani herdsmen are the perpetrators, not the victims of these mindless bloodletting. But it is still this same perpetrators that the govt led by a man who share thesame ancestry and religion as these perpetrators are protecting and budgeting money for their cattle business which is a private business while you the victims (farmers) are being asked to pay special protection fee before you could be protected by your own govt. This is the same govt that publicly claimed the killer herdsmen are Libyans, not Nigerians. President Buhari said this himself. The killer herdsmen are foreigners, not Nigerians, yet, as the President, you are not sending your war planes to deal with the “invaders”, instead, you are giving them military protection and budgeting money to help them improve their private cattle rearing business while you are not giving anything to farmers who are the direct victims of their atrocities.

What injustice could be worse than this??

To further prove that Nigeria under Muhammadu Buhari is a jungle, not a Zoo, the Igbo-born Nnamdi Kanu who has never killed a fly is still being detained even against the December 17th order by justice Adeniyi Ademola of Abuja high Court that he be released “unconditionally”. As I type this, hundreds of pro-Biafran guys have been killed by the security agencies. Thousands more are in different underground prisons all over the country. Even in church as it happened on May 29th and in school field as it happened at Ngwa high school on February 9, hundreds of pro-Biafran guys have continue to have their right to life denied them by the agents of the Nigerian state.

The northern terrorist groups (Boko Haram and the herdsmen) are killing and maiming Nigerians but are still enjoying govt protection, amnesty and free money but the Igbo group who are asking to be treated like equal partners in the country called Nigeria or be allowed to go their separate ways are being killed, maimed and imprisoned by the security agencies on the orders of a president who share thesame region as the aforementioned terror groups.

Which injustice could be worse than this??

Quite frankly, I am finding it increasingly difficult to maintain my sanity in the face of these grave injustices.

I’ve always suspected that those who call Nigeria a Zoo were wrong. I have always maintained that Nigeria is not a Zoo. Far from it. It is far worse. Far worse than even a jungle because in a jungle, it is all man for himself. No one is given preferential treatment. No one is being protected by the authorities in the jungle at the expense of the others unlike Nigeria where terrorists and ordinary people from a certain region are being protected with the instrumentalities of the state at the expense of people from the other regions.

Mentioning the term “Zoo” and “Nigeria” in thesame sentence amounts to the worst insult anyone can give to the beautiful animal place called zoo. If I was a man of means, I’d ensure I drag all those calling Nigeria a Zoo to the highest court in the world for bringing the animal place called zoo to ridicule by comparing it to Nigeria.

In Zoo, animals are well fed, bathed and given medical attention as at when due. In Zoo, Carnivorous animals are kept away from the herbivorous ones. If an animal escapes from a Zoo, to bring it back in most cases, it is not killed, it is put to sleep with a tranquilizer. If an animal dies in the hand of the zoo keepers, both the zoo keepers and the management will answer trailer-load of queries.

But here in Nigerian, if some blood-thirsty humans sharing thesame country with you don’t kill you over one flimsy excuse, state actors like the police or army will do the job. And if these two bodies fail, trust me, the state-sponsored Fulani herdsmen will ensure the job of sending you to your ancestors is neatly done. And believe me, the President elected to protect you will not even issue a statement. Remember, when over 500 were killed in Agatu, it was nothing but criminal silence from the President. When over 1000 Shiites were massacred in Zaria by the army, we heard thesame deafening silence from the President.

How then, can any right thinking person look me in the face and entertain the thought of telling me that this country as it is today is not far worse than a jungle??

Today, every Tom and Jerry knows that if nothing else, the country called Nigeria needs to be restructured like right now but the colonial masters would never allow this. The CONFAB report which is the closest good thing we’ve hard in this country has since been dumped by President Buhari.

We all have a problem. We recognise this problem. We even know the solution to this problem. Yet, we cannot solve this problem because our internal colonial masters who are benefitting from this problem will never allow us solve it even if this problem will eventually kill us all.

It is okay for us to chose lie to ourselves but it is unforgivable for us to begin to swallow our own lies as though they were the truth.

What we have under Muhammadu Buhari is not a country. It is a COWntry. And slavery and colonialism never ended, they just got repackaged!”


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