For Nigeria as a country, the clause “Independence Day Celebration” is an oxymoronic expression because the truth is, Nigeria IS NOT independent in any way. Not politically, not economically, not even spiritually and certainly not physically.

Where is the independence??

Colonialism, which is an euphemism for slavery, never really ended in Nigeria. It only got repackaged in such a way that the slaves now see their chains, not as an obstacle but a beautiful bracelet. They sing and dance in a deceitful sense of freedom even when they are anything but free. And this is why enthroning real Freedom or Independence for Nigerians has proven almost impossible even after 5 decades. As impossible as freeing a slave who is oblivious of his slavery status.

“I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves”~~Harriet Tubman.

What happened in 1960 was that the British thugs, seeing that nationalist movements with their chant of Independence were becoming too loud, they decided to hand the mantle of slavery over to the Fulanis to continue from where they stopped. So in essence, the forest never really changed. Even the monkeys remaineth the same. Only that they now dress like humans, eat and drink like humans and even sleep on bed like humans but make no mistake, a monkey is still a monkey.

October1st,1960, was the day Britain gifted us with a Voodoo Independence.

As a citizen, ask yourself, are you really free?

What freedom do you enjoy as a free citizen of a free world?

Is it free speech, movement, association or expression? Can you exercise any of those right without fear of being witch-hunted by your own govt??

Is your right to life, which is the most important of all rights, even respected in a country that is supposedly free?

How many Nigerians have lost their lives in the hands of either the army or fulani herdsmen being protected by the same army in the last 2 years?

I cannot speak for other ethnic groups but as an Igboman, I consider it a grave moral tragedy and the height of self-hate for any Igbo man to participate either in part or in full in the beautiful nonsense known as the October 1st Independence Day Celebration.

October 1st is the day Ndigbo all over the world should mourn their dead sons and daughters mercilessly slaughtered by Buhari and his Fulani dominated Apartheid army of occupation currently carrying out a systematic genocide in our land.

Celebrating anything with Nigeria at this point in time amounts to spitting on the grave of those youths slaughtered in cold blood two weeks ago in Abia state.

As long as the Fulani army of occupation remains in Ala-Igbo carrying out extortion, torture, murder and other forms of savagery against Ndigbo, I will let myself be consumed by worm before observing anything in the name of Nigeria.

This Lugard House Of Iniquity has proven that it has no place for me and my kind.

Why should I celebrate anything with a country that has acquired the talent for embarking on festival of blood against my kind at every turn??

Deep down, I don’t feel like I’m a Nigerian. Even in the very unlikely event that we don’t get our geographical Biafra, I will always be a full blooded Biafran at heart. The murderous Oligarchs may have the upper hand for now because they have state power but I can assure them, our mind will forever remain unconquered.

What we are fighting is the battle of the mind and thanks to Nnamdi Kanu, our minds are now fully liberated.

Until a man’s mind is defeated, such a man is not defeated.



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