Some of us clearly understand where the imaginary line of our true leaders is drawn. We can easily separate good things from the junks. As it is wisely said;
By their fruits we shall know them.

Thanks for the opportunity presented by President Buhari finally having a shot at the leadership of this country after four unsuccessful outing that ended up in emotional shedding of tears like “Cry my beloved country”.

It is his emergence as the President and the huge unsettling and disturbances of the status quo that ensued that has forced the appearance and eventually ultimate disappearance of so many that we have all through these years paraded as the true Igbo leaders. They were treated with respect in gatherings until Buhari came and forced them to take a stand against their people. Buhari forced them to choose self preservation over collective preservation and interest of our people.

Mind you that the said interest of our people is not strictly defined by IPOB or NK. Interest of our people pre-dated the current agitation with its unique idiosyncrasies. Interest of our people it turned out is no different from the interest of so some other ethnic Nationalities that are similarly situated, but perhaps so psychologically embattled to realize that we are almost on the same boat.

The quest for Igbo freedom in all ramifications remains the same as the quest for freedom every where. Even during apartheid, Blacks where not physically chained, but they were chained by the law and other policies of the government.

Separate but equal was the official segregation policy of most Southern States of the United states. Late Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and other Human right activist fought not because they lacked their own schools or areas to shop, they fought because of the psychological impact and the dehumanizing aspect of those policies.

Afterall looking at old Mandela, Malcolm X, Dr King’s images of that era, they do not appear hungry or dejected; they appeared and were basically comfortable by all standards. So what informed their quest for freedom to the point of giving their own lives to the cause??
This is the area I want our elites to ponder on, only if they can go into deep introspection; only if they will be sincere to nobody but their humble selves.

The quest for that freedom in this country seem to have been effectively undermined by those who claim that they are indeed free. Those who failed to realize that the dog in the Whitehouse , even though it is in the White house and flies Airforce One with the President is still a dog.

This here also clearly validates Harriet Tubman’s regrettable remarks, when she said that she freed alot of slaves through the underground railroad route upward to the Northeast and unto Canada where escaping slaves were offered freedom. She regrettably said; “I could’ve freed a lot more only if they realized that they were slaves”.

The problem with our people (our detached elite leaders) is that they hardly realized that they are not free or equal stake holders in this country. They refused to understand that the playing field is not leveled at all. They refused to understanding that surviving by hustling is simply mere hustling, and of course one can make a descent living out of hustling but all that can easily be torpedoed with a red ink signature any given moment. Because we are effectively walking on a glass platform which is subject to be punctured at any given time.

This is simply
saying that those who keep emphasising the focus on commerce, and development of Alaigbo without first, admitting that they are not free are simply part of the problem.

Yes, these developmental plans are great visions and are absolutely needed, but one of the beverage commercials that resonates so much with me is the one of Sprite, which goes like; “First thing first, obey your thirst!”.
Very great catch phrase.

First thing first in this instance here is simply whatever must be done to get the 800ib gorilla called the federal government off our backs, through whatever route attainable with hopefully no bloodshed. It must take the front most burner and not the last or become an after thought as many seem to focus on immediate political tokenism and symbolism.

It is after this is done, which is the very essence of the agitation, that we can now start unveiling the economic blue prints.

Take for instance,
On the international level, part of the strategy to further impoverish a less friendly nation and push them further into subjugation is simply to allow them or even encourage them to embark on ambitious economic or industrial adventure. They will commit their billions which often even end up in other conspiratorial countries in purchase of the equipment and materials, but in the end, one excuse or the order will be proffered to either cripple that effort with sanctions that will starv that huge project of funds, spare parts or technical know how.
Or, if these approach seem not to work, they will simply concoct a reason and unleash the fighter jets or tomahawk cruise missiles to reduce all that to rubbles sending them once again decades behind. These are realities.

It takes serious political will to overcome this type of scenario. Nigeria as a nation with weak institutions and lack of true independent suffered this with some of the abandoned White elephant projects; from our steel projects to so many others that bears testimony to a nation that is lacking independence and freedom to make a radical decision that maybe in the very interested of the people , runs contrary to the external interest of other countries.

This is the fate of Igbos within Nigeria. Only that black on black crimes often go unoticed.

We are not powerless or less able to compete. We are not unaware of those macro business supporting infrastructures and how it can be in place in record time in our land, but how come it has not happend? How come we are lamenting , appeasing and begging for others to do for us what we can do for ourselves in a record time.

Here then we revert back to the crux of the matter. That
Invisible chains of the current federalism and the constitution that the Southwest Yorubas and the LNC have come openly to challenge and reject through the famous Ibadan declaration and bold LNC initiatives, while the people we call our leaders are busy chasing shadows. Seeking for political slots as if we’ve not been there before yet, it got us no where.

Can anyone truly prove to me that Dangote can effectively cripple or beat Ibeto in the battle for the very lucrative cement business all things being equal?? Can anyone have a conversation with Allen Onyema of AIR PEACE, to explain to you the unnecessary perils and man made impediments and deliberate huddles he must overcome just to survive another day?

This is what it is all about, and I guess I’ve made sufficient case for those who want us simply not to do the first thing first, and to obey our thirst for freedom under the principle of; LIVE AND LET LIVE.

The Engish word “Priority” is simply about what must be done first, and what may be done after or next. One is a must and the subsequent is may. One takes precedent over the other, and one is precondition for the other to take effect and sustained.

Reading this now, the next thing will be mischievous mis characterization from people who have decided to enjoy uneasy peace and postponing the doomsday scenario for our kids.
But, it is almost predictable and expected, therefore merits no response.

Daalu nuo
Chris O.Maduka


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