Food for thought.

There are these consistent fallacies that have been perpetuated over the years. Let me address some of them from my personal point of view.

Ndiigbo need Nigeria because we are mercantile people. False. Ndiigbo have done well all over the West African coast and now moving into the rest of Africa. Princeton Lyman the former US ambassador to Nigeria and South Africa said this as part of his speech lambasting Nigeria. “I served in South Korea in the middle of the 1960s and it was time when South Korea was poor and considered hopeless, but it was beginning to turn around, later to become to every person’s amazement then the eleventh largest economy in the world. And I remember the economist in my mission saying, you know it did not bother him that the leading elites in the government of South Korea were taking 15 – 20 percent off the top of every project, as long as every project was a good one, and that was the difference. The leadership at the time was determined to solve the fundamental economic issues of South Korea economy and turn its economy around. It has not happened in Nigeria today.” Even though this speech was made in 2009, it is more relevant today than in 2009. The assertion is false because if Ndiigbo are left to maximize their talents, the sky will be the limit. Right now the powers that be in Nigeria are making it impossible for Ndiigbo to realize their full potential.

Ndiigbo have invested too much all over Nigeria and will lose trillions of naira. False. Most of Ndiigbo who invested in the other parts of Nigeria are no more interested in coming back to Alaigbo. Through their investments they have made it known that they will sink or swim in the areas that they have invested in. They have analyzed not only the likelihood of a successful venture but the risk of losing the business due to location.

Agitation for fairness, equity and level playing field will put Ndiigbo especially in the north in harms way. False. This assertion is oxymoronic. African Americans will still be cleaning homes, attending to their masters and madams if they did not agitate for fairness, equity and level playing field and anybody who believes that agitating for fairness, equity and level playing field will put others in harms way is being disingenuous. The same agitation that young Igbo kids did and were mowed down like lower animals was the same agitation that Catalonians and Kurds did with minimum loss of lives. Nobody gives up privileges without a fight. That is not only a human phenomenon but is widely practiced in the animal kingdom.

Ndiigbo Diasporans are stoking the fire of secession. False. Ndiigbo Diasporans know how things work and are not happy about the treatment of Ndiigbo in Nigeria. They want a better Nigeria but not at the expense of Ndiigbo. Ndiigbo Diasporans have contributed enormously to the ongoing transformation of Alaigbo. They are pouring in billions of dollars into Alaigbo in terms of family upkeep, real estate investments, infrastructure development, building small scale industries and so on. Without the billions of dollars being poured into Alaigbo by Ndiigbo Diasporans, Alaigbo would have experienced severe recession considering that the powers that be through their actions and inactions would have loved to see that.

I believe that Ndiigbo will have nothing to lose (but everything to gain) if we leave Nigeria and the same goes for our being part of Nigeria. However, if Nigeria wants Ndiigbo to be part of Nigeria, the blatant disregard for our feelings and wellbeing must change. The good thing that may help Nigeria is that Ndiyoruba have started also to agitate. If Nigerians miss this opportunity to restructure, then Nigeria will still be a backward country even in the next 100 years. Why? Because we will still be struggling with basic infrastructure especially power. Every economy needs steady supply of power to grow. Could you imagine how many kids now jobless who will be doing things on their own given steady power? Amadiebube


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